The AKB48 34th Single Senbatsu Janken Taikai is the 4th annual Janken Tournament of AKB48 and its sister groups. It was held on September 18, 2013 at Nippon Budoukan. Because of the members holding Concurrent Positions overseas, this tournament was the first one to have a representative participant from all existing sister groups at that time.

Janken Senbatsu Members

Rank 1st 2nd 3rd
No. 1 46 79 40
Team S BII B K
Rank 5th
No. 27 56 15 67
Team K A A B
Rank 9th
No. 20 62 33 30
Team E A AKB48 KKS K
No. 53 85 75 10

Tournament Results

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
1 Matsui Jurina SKE (S) Matsui Jurina Matsui Jurina
2 Muto Tomu AKB (K)
3 Yagura Fuuko NMB (M) Yagura Fuuko
4 Kobayashi Kana AKB (K) Shimada Haruka Shimada Haruka
5 Shimada Haruka AKB (K)
6 Yokoyama Yui AKB (A) Yokoyama Yui
7 Kojima Mako AKB (4) Kojima Mako Kojima Mako
8 Iwata Karen AKB (A)
9 Watanabe Miyuki NMB (N) Watanabe Miyuki
10 Uno Mizuki NMB (KKS) Uno Mizuki Uno Mizuki
11 Owada Nana AKB (KKS) Owada Nana

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
12 Takeuchi Mai SKE (KII) Ishida Haruka Tomonaga Mio
13 Ishida Haruka AKB (B)
14 Tomonaga Mio HKT (KKS) Tomonaga Mio
15 Tano Yuka AKB (A) Tano Yuka Tano Yuka
16 Murakami Ayaka NMB (M) Murakami Ayaka
17 Okita Ayaka NMB (M) Okita Ayaka Okita Ayaka
18 Takajo Aki JKT (J)
19 Kojima Natsuki AKB (B) Kojima Natsuki
20 Furuhata Nao SKE (E) Furuhata Nao Furuhata Nao
21 Morita Ayaka NMB (KKS) Morita Ayaka

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
22 Mizuno Honoka SKE (E) Nagao Mariya Morikawa Ayaka
23 Nagao Mariya AKB (K)
24 Morikawa Ayaka AKB (A) Morikawa Ayaka
25 Maeda Ami AKB (K) Takahashi Juri Abe Maria
26 Takahashi Juri AKB (A)
27 Abe Maria AKB (K) Abe Maria
28 Miyazaki Miho AKB (K) Kobayashi Marina Kitahara Rie
29 Kobayashi Marina AKB (A)
30 Kitahara Rie AKB (K) Kitahara Rie
31 Fujita Nana AKB (K) Fujita Nana Takahashi Minami
32 Takahashi Minami AKB (A) Takahashi Minami

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
33 Tsuchiyasu Mizuki AKB (KKS) Tsuchiyasu Mizuki Tsuchiyasu Mizuki
34 Suzuki Mariya SNH (KKS)
35 Takeuchi Miyu AKB (B) Takeuchi Miyu
36 Watanabe Mayu AKB (A) Watanabe Mayu Watanabe Mayu
37 Kashiwagi Yuki AKB (B) Kashiwagi Yuki
38 Kato Rena AKB (B) Nakata Chisato Hirata Rina
39 Nakata Chisato AKB (K)
40 Hirata Rina AKB (K) Hirata Rina
41 Nozawa Rena JKT (J) Nozawa Rena Kojima Haruna
42 Kojima Haruna AKB (B) Kojima Haruna

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
43 Ichikawa Miori AKB (B) Ichikawa Miori Ichikawa Miori
44 Kodama Haruka HKT (H)
45 Kawaei Rina AKB (A) Kawaei Rina
46 Kamieda Emika NMB (BII) Kamieda Emika Kamieda Emika
47 Tanaka Natsumi HKT (H)
48 Nakamata Shiori AKB (A) Nakamata Shiori
(forfeited due to graduation)
49 Izuta Rina AKB (A) Izuta Rina Chikano Rina
50 Uchida Mayumi AKB (K)
51 Chikano Rina AKB (K) Chikano Rina
52 Sato Amina AKB (K) Sato Amina Fujie Reina
53 Fujie Reina AKB (B) Fujie Reina

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
54 Miyawaki Sakura HKT (H) Miyawaki Sakura Kikuchi Ayaka
55 Matsui Sakiko AKB (A)
56 Kikuchi Ayaka AKB (A) Kikuchi Ayaka
57 Sato Sumire AKB (A) Omori Miyu Isohara Kyoka
58 Omori Miyu AKB (B)
59 Isohara Kyoka SKE (S) Isohara Kyoka
60 Uchiyama Mikoto SKE (KII) Uchiyama Mikoto Sasaki Yukari
61 Miyamae Ami SKE (E)
62 Sasaki Yukari AKB (A) Sasaki Yukari
63 Shimazaki Haruka AKB (B) Shimazaki Haruka Shimazaki Haruka
64 Tanabe Miku AKB (B) Tanabe Miku

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
65 Iriyama Anna AKB (A) Nonaka Misato Natori Wakana
66 Nonaka Misato AKB (B)
67 Natori Wakana AKB (B) Natori Wakana
68 Matsumoto Rina SKE (KII) Matsumoto Rina Matsumoto Rina
69 Katayama Haruka AKB (B)
70 Iwasa Misaki AKB (B) Iwasa Misaki
71 Yamauchi Suzuran AKB (B) Yamauchi Suzuran Umeda Ayaka
72 Kobayashi Rikako
(withdrew due to her injuries)
73 Umeda Ayaka AKB (B) Umeda Ayaka
74 Nakamura Mariko AKB (B) Nakamura Mariko Yumoto Ami
75 Yumoto Ami AKB (KKS) Yumoto Ami

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
No. Name Group (Team)
76 Oshima Yuko AKB (K) Shiroma Miru Oshima Ryoka
77 Shiroma Miru NMB (N)
78 Oshima Ryoka AKB (A) Oshima Ryoka
79 Oba Mina AKB (B) Oba Mina Oba Mina
80 Kuramochi Asuka AKB (K) Kuramochi Asuka
81 Sato Seira SKE (S) Ichino Narumi Koyanagi Arisa
82 Ichino Narumi SKE (E)
83 Koyanagi Arisa NMB (M) Koyanagi Arisa
84 Suzuki Shihori AKB (K) Suzuki Shihori Oya Shizuka
85 Oya Shizuka AKB (B) Oya Shizuka

Top 16

Round 4 Quarter Finals Semi-Finals Final Round
Matsui Jurina Matsui Jurina Matsui Jurina Matsui Jurina
Uno Mizuki
Tano Yuka Tano Yuka
Furuhata Nao
Abe Maria Abe Maria Hirata Rina
Kitahara Rie
Tsuchiyasu Mizuki Hirata Rina
Hirata Rina
Kamieda Emika Kamieda Emika Kamieda Emika Kamieda Emika
Fujie Reina
Kikuchi Ayaka Kikuchi Ayaka
Sasaki Yukari
Natori Wakana Natori Wakana Oba Mina
Yumoto Ami
Oba Mina Oba Mina
Oya Shizuka

Participating Members

Note: Groupings are based on the Tournament Map

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