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AKB48 Cherry Bay Blaze was a mobile game featuring members of AKB48 Team SH and Japan's Original AKB48 Sister Groups. The player takes on the role of an Idol Manager, and manages members. It was only released in China from 2019 December 5, and continued until 2021 January.

Playable Characters

Idol Description Catchphrase
Mao WeiJia

(Team SH)

Omnipotent/Sweet Captain It's drizzling now, I'm your sweet Mao~
Kashiwagi Yuki


Senior Member/High EQ Whether asleep or awake, it's Yukirin World!
Miyawaki Sakura


Game Master/The "Idol" Either you or him, in everyone's heart, Sakura bloom
Liu Nian

(Team SH)

Optimistic/Positive I am Liu Nian; I will miss you everyday.
Yokoyama Yui



Group Leader/Reliable Senior Member (former)

Yui wants to be more glaring than Kinkakuji!
Taniguchi Megu



Cute Sister/Innocent (former)

I am Taniguchi Megu, please call me Omegu!
Oguri Yui


Friendly Girl/Outgoing

Little Demon/Girl Next Door (former)

Yuiyui will take your heart!
Takahashi Juri


Confident Girl/Enthusiastic

Zealous Leader/Confident Girl (former)

Want to be your hope!
Mukaichi Mion



Diligent/Omniscient (former)

I am Mion, from Saitama. Keep your dream!
Murayama Yuiri


Theater Goddess/Baby Face Bright red~? YUIRINGO!
Kato Rena


Fashion/Righteus Eh? Where are you looking at? There? Here? Renacchi!
Fukuoka Seina


Women Charisma/Tsundere Hi! It's tsundere time now!
Shiroma Miru


Angelic Smile/Sexy and Cool Are you looking at me? I am also looking at you the whole time!
Takino Yumiko


Railroadconnoisseur/Saxophonist I need your cheers! Yumirin Power has been replenished!
Oba Mina


Indomitable/Humorous Hi~ Fall in love with me today~ I'm Minarun!
Zhu Ling

(Team SH)

Fangirl/Girly, girl Twinkle twinkle Little Star Kira Kira Kirinrin-

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