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「AKB48単独 春コン in 国立競技場~思い出は全部ここに捨てていけ!~」 DVDダイジェスト映像 AKB48 公式

AKB48 National Olympic Stadium Concert

AKB48 Tandoku Haru Con in Kokuritsu Kyougiba ~Omoide wa Zenbu Koko ni Sutete Ike!~ (AKB48 単独 春コン in 国立競技場 ~思い出は全部ここに捨てていけ!~), is AKB48's spring concert, including its sister groups SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48. This was also Oshima Yuko's graduation concert.


AKB48 National Olympic Stadium Concert is AKB48's first concert in National Olympic Stadium. The concerts are to be held from March 29 - 30, 2014, consisting of two different shows.

  • 1st Day - AKB48 Concert (3/29)
  • 2nd Day - All Groups Concert (3/30) - Canceled


Day 1 - AKB48 (2014/03/29)


6. Idol no Yoake (Umeda Team B)
7. Shonichi (Umeda Team B)
8. Yobisute Fantasy (Umeda Team B)
9. Tadaima Renaichuu (Yokoyama Team A)
10. Only Today (Yokoyama Team A)
11. BINGO! (Yokoyama Team A)
12. Seishun Girls (Oshima Team K)
13. Saishuu Bell ga Naru (Oshima Team K)
14. Boyfriend no Tsukurikata (Oshima Team K)
15. Kuma no Nuigurumi (Minegishi Team 4)
16. Kanojo ni Naremasu ka? (Minegishi Team 4)
17. Te wo Tsunaginagara (Minegishi Team 4)



Day 2 - AKB48 (2014/03/30)

Concert was canceled due to stormy weather.
The second day of the concert was moved to June 8, 2014 at Ajinomoto Stadium.
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