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AKB48 Team TP (short for Akihabara48 Team Taipei) (formerly known as TPE48 (short for Taipei48)) is a Taiwanese girl idol group located in Taipei, Taiwan and is the 5th international sister group of AKB48. The motif color of their logo represents the charm of each member gradually growing with the gradation, just like a mango matures and changes the color from time to time.


AKB48 Team TP Logo


Group formation was announced on the AKB48 official website in October. Due to the popularity of AKB48 merchandise in Taiwan Shops during that same year, Daily Sports commented that a group formed in Taiwan would also be popular. The group was first expected to be created around January of 2012. Construction of a theater in Taipei City was planned. AKB48 management stated that preparations to begin performances at the theater were scheduled to begin in summer of 2012.


The auditions for the group were scheduled in September, but these plans were later postponed.


A site for the auditions for a possible member/s from Taiwan for AKB48 that will perform in Japan was opened. From 2152 candidates, 170 girls were selected for the second round and 60 for the final round. The final results are scheduled to be announced in August.


The auditions will be held 09.01.2017 - 10.01.2017. [1] From the press conference, it was announced that Abe Maria will be transferred and became the member of TPE48 along with AKB48 Special Taiwan Audition. In order to promote the TPE48 auditions two of the members, Chen Shih-Ya and Chen Shih-Yuan, went on a 10 day tour of Taiwan.

On November 30, Abe Maria transferred to TPE48 from Team K. She's only a Kaigai member to be included in TPE48 formation.


On August 25, Chen Shih-yuan left the group.

On December 9, Honda Yuzuka announced her hiatus in all AKB48 Team TP releated activities due to her poor health conditions.

On December 25, Christmas Day, the group released their debut single Mae Shika Mukanee (勇往直前 / Yǒngwǎngzhíqián), centered by Liu Yu-ching, together with their corresponding music video.


On January 7, the group released their debut single coupling song music video Sakura no Hanabiratachi (櫻花瓣 / Yīng huābàn), centered by Chiu Pin-han and Chen Shih-ya.

On January 27, the group participated for the first time in 1st AKB48 Group Asia Festival Concert happened in Bangkok, Thailand, together with their international sister groups of AKB48.

On July 26, the group released their 2nd single TTP Festival, centered by Lin Yu-hsin. This is the last single and senbatsu participation of Abe Maria.

On August 24, the 2nd AKB48 Group Asia Festival was held in Shanghai, China. On lineup of Team TP members for the concert, Abe Maria was replaced by Pan Tzu-yi due to the former's problem with the visa.

On August 26, two days after the 2nd AKB48 Group Concert, Abe Maria announced her graduation.

On September 14, the group held their 1st anniversary mini concert entitled "AKB48 Team TP 1st Anniversary Mini Concert" until September 22.

On October 19, AKB48 launched their foreign concert in Taiwan, entitled "AKB48 in Taiwan ~Are You Ready For It?~". The concert was held in Taipei Arena. Also, during their concert, they held Abe Maria's graduation ceremony for her final performance.

On December 20, their 3rd single music video Kànjiàn xīyángle ma? was released on their official YouTube channel, five days before their 3rd single release.

On December 25, a year after their debut single release on the same day, their 3rd single Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? (看見夕陽了嗎?/ Kànjiàn xīyángle ma?) was released. This is Liu Jie-ming's last single participation.


On February 8, Liu Jie-ming was dismissed from the group due to her violations.

On September 19, the Shonichi stage of their 1st stage has started, entitled RESET. The stage is a revival from AKB48's Team K 6th Stage.


AKB48 Team TP Members

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  1. [2018.12.25] Mae Shika Mukanee
  2. [2019.07.26] TTP Festival
  3. [2019.12.25] Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
  4. [2020.09.17] UHHO UHHOHO
  5. [2021.10.15] Ticktock Promise

  • [2019.04.15] Sougen no Kiseki

  • Original Songs

    1. Girls Cafe Gun (Endorsement Song) (2020)


    All of the new songs that aren't included in discography yet will be listed below. All of coupling songs that will and may be released are also included below. The songs are listed by the initial release / debut year.

    • Aitakatta (2018)
    • Heavy Rotation (2018)
    • Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (2018)
    • Tenshi no Shippo (2019)
    • Enkyori Poster (2019)
    • Migiashi Evidence (2019)
    • AKB48 Team TP (2019)
    • Kimi Dake ni Chu! Chu! Chu! (2019)
    • TTP Sanjou! (2019)
    • Confession (2020)
    • Baby! Baby! Baby! (2020)
    • 365nichi no Kamihikouki (2020)
    • Shonichi (2020)
    • RIVER (2020)
    • LOVE TRIP (2020)
    • 11gatsu no Anklet (2020)
    • Yume e no Route (2021)



    # Stage Name Unit Date Performaces
    1 RESET Daisy 2020.09.19 -
    Bellflower 2020.09.19 -
    Sakura 2020.09.20 -

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    1. Mae Shika Mukanee | 2. TTP Festival | 3. Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka? | 4. UHHO UHHOHO

    Digital Singles

    1. Sougen no Kiseki

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