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Asymmetry OkadaNana A
Loppi/HMV Limited Deluxe Edition

Asymmetry OkadaNana B
Regular Edition

Released: November 7, 2023
Genre: JPop
Format: CD, DVD, Digital
Recorded: 2023
Label: Loppi
Producer: Okada Nana
CD Only
Asymmetry OkadaNana C
Regular Edition
CD Only
Okada Nana Album Chronology
2nd Album
Singles from Asymmetry

    Asymmetry is the 1st album released by Okada Nana.

    CD Information[]

    Okada Nana (岡田奈々)
    Studio Album
    Release Date
    Label/Catalog Number/Price
    AVC1-63531/B (Loppi/HMV Limited Deluxe Edition, CD+Blu-ray) / ¥11,000
    AVCD-63529/B (Regular Edition, CD+Blu-ray) / ¥5,500
    AVCD-63530 (Regular Edition, CD Only) / ¥3,500

    CD Tracklist Details[]

    1. Uragiri no Yuutosei (裏切りの優等生)
    2. Green Bird
    3. "Arigatou, Shiawase ni Natte ne" (「ありがとう、幸せになってね。」)
    4. Koe wo Ushinatta Ningyohime (声を失った人魚姫)
    5. Net Benkei no Minasama e (ネット弁慶の皆様へ)
    6. Kono You kara Boku Dake ga Kierukoto ga Dekitara (この世から僕だけが消えることが出来たら)
    7. Shuuen no Countdown (終焉のカウントダウン)
    9. Ikiru Riyuu (生きる理由)
    10. Mayday
    11. Saran (サラン)
    12. Nozomarenai Asa (望まれない朝)
    13. (Type 3 Exclusive) Silent Mermaid

    DVD Tracklist Details[]

    Loppi/HMV Limited Deluxe Edition
    1. Okada Nana 10th Anniversary Solo Concert ~starting over~
    2. Live video recording of live band performance at Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
    3. Okada Nana 1st LIVE TOUR 2023 ~TIMELESS FLAG~ Documentary
    4. Uragiri no Yuutosei Music Video
    Regular Edition
    1. Uragiri no Yuutosei Music Video
    2. Uragiri no Yuutosei Behind-the-Scenes


    • Pre-ordering included various benefits on a first-come, first-serve basis:
      • Amazon: Mega jacket
      • Rakuten Books: Tattoo sticker set
      • Seven Net: Acrylic plastic water bottle
      • Official fanclub "NANAIRO": one out of 2 acrylic stands (choice made by buyer) + one random set of 7 photos out of 3 possible sets, which are different depending on whether fans pre-ordered the CD+Blu-ray option or the CD only option (42 photos total)
      • Other shops: one out of 7 random photos
    • Okada Nana announced two pre-release screening events on September 5th (Tokyo) and September 10th (Osaka), which she is scheduled to attend in person so fans can hear the full album early
    • The purchase of the album will include a lottery for physical talk sessions as well as online talk sessions
    • For the release of the album, 2-shot events with Okada Nana will be held in 12 cities throughout Japan
    • Silent Mermaid is the English translation version of Koe wo Ushinatta Ningyohime