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BNK48 Welcome to HIGH TENSION Company was a mini-concert held at River Park at ICONSIAM on February 23, 2020 to present the first performance of BNK48's 8th single High Tension. It included an opening stage featuring CGM48.


CGM48 Stage (16:20)[]

M00. overture (CGM48 ver.)
M01. Chiang Mai 106 (เชียงใหม่ 106) (Sita Center)
MC1. Introduction
M02. Onegai Valentine (วาเลนไทน์โชคดี) (Parima Center)
M03. Sao Chiang Mai (สาวเชียงใหม่) (Aom Center)
M04. CGM48 (Aom and Izurina Center)
MC3. Interview with Faii and Mind

BNK48 Stage (18:08)[]

MC1. Short Skit (Bamboo, Faii, Niky, Panda, Stang, View)
M01. Let U Go (Jennis, Music)
M02. It's Life (Cherprang)
M03. It's Me (Jib)
MC2. Short Skit
M04. Supporter (สายซับ) (Cherprang, Fond, Jane, Juné, Mewnich, Namsai, Pun, Wee)
MC3. Introduction of One Year 365 วัน บ้านฉัน บ้านเธอ Cast
M05. It's OK (มปร.) (Pun, Wee)
MC4. Short Skit
M06. Dode Di Dong (โดดดิด่ง) (Kaew, Kaimook, Mobile, Namneung, Namsai, Noey, Pupe, Tarwaan)
MC5. Introduction of Thibaan x BNK48 จากใจผู้สาวคนนี้ Cast
M07. Jaak Jai Poo Sao Kon Nee (จากใจผู้สาวคนนี้)
MC6. Short Skit
M00. overture (BNK48 ver.)
M08. High Tension (Senbatsu) (Namneung Center) (First Performance)
VTR. High Tension MV Premiere

Participating Members[]



MC Only[]


  • Sao Chiang Mai (which covered by CGM48 in M03.) is originally a song from Jaran Manophet and Soontaree Vechanont's album Folksong Kham Mueang, released in 1990.
  • Most of the MC parts were short skits depicting an office scene portrayed by non-Senbatsu members, in relation to the single's concept.
  • Due to technical problems, the instrumental was abruptly cut midway through the performance of Dode Di Dong. The members however continued the performance while the audience were singing along until the instrumental comes back before the song ends.