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4th Single Mae Shika Mukanee May (2022)
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CGM48 (short for Chiang Mai48) is the 1st domestic Thai idol sister group of BNK48, and 6th international sister group of AKB48. The group was announced through BNK48's Thank You & the Beginner @Chiangmai on June 2, 2019. The 1st Generation members were announced on October 26, 2019.


  • On June 2, in the event of "Thank You & the Beginner at Chiang Mai", BNK48 announced their new domestic sister group CGM48, as well as AKB48's new international sister group.
  • On June 10, two members Punyawee Jungcharoen and Izuta Rina announced that they will move to CGM48, to hold the group as their captain and group manager (shihainin).
  • On June 15, the group announced their application for 1st Generation members.
  • On July 15, the application for 1st Generation members was ended.
  • On December 12, BNK48 announced their upcoming 2nd general election, which will be held on March 22, 2020. Also, this is the first time to participate all CGM48 members on the said event.

  • On February 9, the group performed for the first time for their newly release single Chiang Mai 106. Also, the music video was released on the same day, and the formation of Team C, where Punyawee Jungcharoen and Izuta Rina promoted on the said team. Their single included a voting ballots for the upcoming BNK48 9th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo.
    • On February 14, Valentine's Day, BNK48 released their 1st preliminary results of their 2nd General Election.
    • On March 22, due to COVID-19, BNK48 postponed their final results of 9th Single General Election, and moved to April 19.
    • On April 17, two days before the final results of BNK48 2nd General Election, the group released their Lanna version of Touch by Heart, in light with the medical front liners during COVID-19 and firefighters who volunteered to stop the forest fire in Chiang Mai.
    • On April 19, BNK48 released their final results of their 2nd General Election, where Jane elected her as center girl for upcoming 9th single. Also, this is the first time to have a CGM48 members whose ranked within top 48.
    • On June 8, the group released the PV version of Dareka no Tame ni on their official YouTube channel. This song is dedicated to all health workers during COVID-19, and fire fighters during forest fire in Chiang Mai. Also, this song was later included to their 2nd single Melon Juice.
    • On July 25, BNK48 released their 9th single Heavy Rotation. This is the first single to include CGM48 members whose ranked within top 48 last April 19.
    • On July 26, BNK48 held a live performance of BNK48 Wonderland in Ultra Arena Hall, ShowDC, Bangkok, where the group performed their 8th single High Tension and Touch By Heart, and CGM48's 1st single Chiang Mai 106 and Dareka no Tame ni. And also, they performed the newly release of their 9th single Heavy Rotation.
    • On October 17, the group performed their 2nd single Melon Juice, to promote their single set to release on October 31 with the corresponding music video.
    • On October 31, the group released their 2nd single altogether with their music video.
    • On December 1, Kaiwan was suspended by the management for two months due to her violations in company's rules.

  • On February 9, a year anniversary of their 1st single release last year, the group announced their upcoming 3rd single release, and to be centered by Kaning. Also, their 3rd single main song will be an original song.
    • On March 11, the group had their online live at their official YouTube channel, entitled CGM48 Music Box 1: Play Hong Melody (CGM48 Music Box 1: เล่นฮ้อง...ทำนองเพลง).
    • On May 17, Meen was suspended by the management for two months due to her violations in company's rules.
    • On October 21, the group announced their upcoming 1st album Eien Pressure, and their center is Champoo. First time to not feature Izurina on a Senbatsu line-up.
    • On November 13, the group premiered their 1st album main song music video Eien Pressure.
    • On November 14, they released the digital version of their 1st album Eien Pressure.
    • On November 15, Nicha was suspended by the management for one month due to lack of training which didn't meet their standards.

  • On February 2, the group released the full version of the 1st album Eien Pressure.
    • On February 20, Pepo announced her graduation.


    CGM48 Members
    Team C

    Sister groups



    # Cover Title Release date
    01 ChiangMai106CD.jpg Chiang Mai 106
    (เชียงใหม่ 106)
    02 CGM482ndSingleCdCover.jpg Melon Juice 2020.10.31
    03 MaliCover.jpg Mali
    04 CGM484thSingleCdCover.jpg Mae Shika Mukanee

    # Cover Title Release date
    01 Album Eien Pressure

    # Cover Title Release date
    01 TouchByHeartCGM48Lanna.jpg Touch By Heart
    02 Let's go all the way.jpg Let's go all the way
    feat. DIAMOND MQT
    03 Happy New Year 48TH.jpg Happy New Year

    BNK48 Events

    Other Events

    e-Sports Competition


    # Title Date
    With AKB48 Group
    01 AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2021 ONLINE 2021.06.27


    • [2021.03.18] Hao Peng Jah Yah Gang Nong (ห้าวเป้งจ๋า อย่าแกงน้อง)

    TV Shows

    • [2019.10.28 ~ ] girls guide ไปโตยกั๋น
    • [2020.04.27 ~ ] Daily Life From Home
    • [2020.05.14 ~ ] CGM48 Senpai
    • [2021.01.25 ~ ] Stand By Me

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