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Chameleon Joshikousei (カメレオン女子高生) is a coupling song of HKT48's 5th single 12byou, performed by Team H. It is also included in their first album 092.


  • Artist: HKT48
  • Arranger: Nonaka "Masa" Yuichi (野中“まさ”雄一)
  • Composer: FUJINO TAKAFUMI (フジノタカフミ)
  • Kanji title: カメレオン女子高生
  • Romanized Japanese title: Kamereon Joshikousei
  • English title: Schoolgirls of Chameleon
  • Single: 12byou (5th single)
  • Album: 092 (1st album)

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Music Video (Short ver.)


【MV】カメレオン女子高生 -Team H- (Short ver.) - HKT48 -公式-

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