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Kimi to Doko ka e Ikitai (Type-A)

Outstanding (Type-D)

Cinderella Nante Inai (シンデレラなんていない) is the coupling song from HKT48's 14th single, Kimi to Doko ka e Ikitai. The song is also includes in their 2nd album Outstanding.


  • Artist: HKT48
  • Arranger / Composer: Shoji Yuu
  • Kanji / Kana title: シンデレラなんていない
  • Romaji title: Shinderera Nante Inai
  • English title: There is no Cinderella
  • Single: Kimi to Doko ka e Ikitai (14th single)
  • Album: Outstanding (2nd album)

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