AKB48 - Flying Get lim A

Type A Limited Edition

PV 抱きしめちゃいけない ダイジェスト映像 AKB48 公式

PV 抱きしめちゃいけない ダイジェスト映像 AKB48 公式


Dakishimechaikenai is a coupling song from AKB48's 22nd single Flying Get. It is the Undergirls song from the 3rd Senbatsu Sousenkyo, with Umeda Ayaka as the center.

Song Information

  • Title (Romaji/English): Dakishimechaikenai (I can't embrace you)
  • Title (Kanji/Kana): 抱きしめちゃいけない (だきしめちゃいけない?)
  • Artist: AKB48 (Undergirls)
  • Single: Flying Get
  • Album: 1830m
  • Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi
  • Composition: Takaki Hiroshi
  • Arrangement: Masuda Takeshi
  • Related Work: AKB1/149 Renai Sousenkyo

Performing Members

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Concert Performences


  • The PV for this song was shot only once in succession without any cuts or editing. However, the beginning of the video showed Umeda Ayaka, the center of the song, saying "Take 10".[1]


  1. AKBINGO! episode 189 [2012.05.30]

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