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The Hachi Fukujin for
Seifukku no Mannequin

The Fukujin (福神, Deities of Good Luck?) is Nogizaka46's version of their rivals' Kami7, these members are usually placed at the front two rows of the Senbatsu performance with their centers at the first row. Initially known as the Shichi Fukujin (七福神, 7 Deities of Good Luck?), it was later changed to Hachi Fukujin (八福神, 8 Deities of Good Luck?) during the Senbatsu selection for their 4th single by Akimoto Yasushi's suggestion so that it would be different from AKB48.

In their 7th Single, Barrette, the Hachi Fukujin is separate from the group's main center, 2nd Generation member Hori Miona, and was known collectively as Hachi Fukujin+1 (八福神+1, 8 Deities of Good Luck plus 1?)[1].

Another 2nd Generation Member was promoted to Regular in their 8th Single, Kizuitara Kataomoi, with the Fukujin changed again to Go Fukujin (五福神, 5 Deities of Good Luck?).

With the addition of SKE48's Matsui Rena as a Concurrent Member and the designation of Ikoma Rina as a Concurrent Member for AKB48, the Fukujin became Juu Fukujin (十福神, 10 Deities of Good Luck?).


Members in Italic letters are the front girls, members in Bold letters are the main centers

Shichi Fukujin

Guru Guru Curtain

Oide, Shampoo

Hashire! Bicycle

Hachi Fukujin

Seifuku no Mannequin

Kimi no Na wa Kibou

Girl's Rule

Hachi Fukujin+1


Go Fukujin

Kizuitara Kataomoi

Juu Fukujin

Natsu no Free & Easy

Nandome no Aozora Ka?

Inochi wa Utsukushii

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