Furutate Aoi
2019 Christmas NGT48 Furutate Aoi
Furutate Aoi, Christmas 2019
Nickname Aochan (あおちゃん?)
Birthdate August 10, 2004 (2004-08-10) (age 15)
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Bloodtype AB
Zodiac Sign Leo Leo
Height **cm
Professional Information
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2018-present
(1 years)
Agency Flora
Group NGT48
Team Kenkyuusei
Generation 2nd Generation
Associated Acts NGT48
Blog Instagram @aochan0810_ngt48

Furutate Aoi is an NGT48 Kenkyuusei.

Team History

Singles Participation

NGT48 B-Sides

Fortune cherry B-Sides


Stage Units

NIII3 Revival (Hokori no Oka)
Hanashiaite wa Reizouko (2nd Unit) (Under)
KKS4 (Party ga Hajimaru yo ~ Kenkyuusei no Ibuki wo Kanjite! ~)
G1 (Saka Agari)
Wagamama na Nagareboshi (Under)


  • Skill: Classical Ballet, Piano
  • Hobby: Collecting squeeze & slime
  • Favorite food: Broccoli, meat
  • Favorite word: Thank you, let's go quickly (Arigatou, Sassato Ikou / ありがとう、さっさといこう)
  • Message: With a smile than anyone else! With full force! I will do my best. I am looking forward to meeting with the fans! Please cheer for me! (Dare yori mo egao de! Zenryoku de! Isshoukenmei ganbarimasu. Fan no kata to aeru koto wo tanoshimi ni shiteimasu! Ouen yoroshiku onegaishimasu! / 誰よりも笑顔で! 全力で! 一生懸命頑張ります。ファンの方と会えることを楽しみにしています! 応援よろしくお願いします!)
  • Youngest member of NGT48


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