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Girls Planet 999 (걸스플래닛999) is a survival show broadcast by Mnet.

The first episode was broadcasted on August 6, 2021 at 8:20 PM (KST).

The show groups the girls into groups of 3 called "cells". An entire cell could be eliminated all at once, hence increasing the risk of elimination. To counteract this, the "Planet Top 9" is introduced. Contestants who are selected to be the Planet Top 9 can reorganize cells to try and lower the chances of elimination. At the end of the competition, the top 9 most-voted contestants will be formed the group Kep1er regardless of nationality.


K-pop Masters (Mentors)[]

  • Sunmi
  • Tiffany Young

Dance Masters (Trainers)[]

  • Back Kooyoung
  • Jang Juhee

Vocal Masters (Trainers)[]

  • Lim Hanbyul
  • Jo Ayoung

Rap Master (Trainer) (Episodes 6–7 only)[]

  • Woo Won-jae






Cells arrangements that are identical to its previous arrangement

Cells are teams of 3 comprised of a C-Group, a K-Group, and a J-Group member. Cells can be reshuffled, with priority of picking out cellmates given to the Planet Top 9.

Original Cells Episode 2
# C K J # C K J
1 Chang Ching Ryu Sion Terasaki Hina 1 Chang Ching Ryu Sion Terasaki Hina
2 Liang Jiao Lee Hyewon Kamimoto Kotone 2 Liang Jiao Lee Hyewon Nagai Manami
3 Liang Qiao Joung Min Hayashi Fuko 3 Liang Qiao Joung Min Fuko Hayashi
4 Wang QiuRu Choi Hyerin Aratake Rinka 4 Wang QiuRu Suh Jimin Ito Miyu
6 Ma YuLing An Jeongmin Shima Moka 6 Ma YuLing Kim Hyerim Okuma Sumomo


Eliminated in Episode 8
Eliminated in Episode 5
Saved with Planet Pass


Name Individual
Ep.3 Ep.5 Ep.8
Liang Jiao C31 C10 C09
Liang Qiao C32 C15 Eliminated
Chang Ching C06 C22 Eliminated
Ma YuLing C27 C24 Eliminated
Wang QiuRu C19 C32 Eliminated


Cell Members Episode 3 Episode 5
K C J Rank Point Rank Point
Lee Hyewon Liang Jiao Nagai Manami 14 148,979 14 419,671
Kim Hyerim Ma YuLing Okumo Sumomo 22 52,096 20 Not Shown
Joung Min Liang Qiao Hayashi Fuko 20 62,168 23 Not Shown
Suh Jimin Wang QiuRu Ito Miyu 23 40,982 28 Not Shown
Ryu Sion Chang Ching Terasaki Hina 33 20,354 29 Not Shown

Planet Demo Stage (Episodes 1–2)[]

Planet Top 9
Planet Top 9 Candidate
Performance Team Contestant
# Original Artist Song
Episode 1
11 IZ*ONE "Violeta" Luxury Proportion Girl Cui WenMeiXiu
Wang QiuRu
Xia Yan
Yang ZiGe
Zhang LuoFei
Zhou XinYu
13 WJSN Chocome "Hmph!" Twins Liang Jiao
Liang Qiao
15 Girls' Generation-TTS "Twinkle" Shining Girl Liu ShiQi
Ma YuLing
Wang YaLe
18 CLC "Helicopter" Strong Girls Cai Bing
Chang Ching
Fu YaNing
Wen Zhe

Connect Mission (Episodes 2–4)[]

Winning Team
Killing Part

The winning team will get their votes multiplied for a span of 24 hours before voting closes on August 28; the winning teams who performed a girl group song will receive a x2 multiplier while the winning team who performed a boy group song will receive a x3 multiplier.

Performance Team Contestants
Original Artist Song Position Name
TWICE "Yes or Yes" Keep Missing You
(자꾸 보고싶넹)
Main Vocal Kim Hyerim
Vocal 1 Kim Chaehyun
Vocal 2 Yamauchi Moana
Vocal 3 Li YiMan
Vocal 4 Kuwahara Ayana
Vocal 5 Huh Jiwon
Vocal 6 Chiayi
Vocal 7 Okuma Sumomo
Vocal 8 Ma YuLing
Energy Bar!
(에너지 바)
Main Vocal Kim Sein
Vocal 1 Kishida Ririka
Vocal 2 Wen Zhe
Vocal 3 Xu Ziyin
Vocal 4 Arai Risako
Vocal 5 Leung Cheukying
Vocal 6 Okazaki Momoko
Vocal 7 Lee Chaeyun
Vocal 8 Kim Doah
IZ*ONE "Fiesta" Crown
Main Vocal Lee Sunwoo
Vocal 1 Chen HsinWei
Vocal 2 Sakamoto Mashiro
Vocal 3 Kubo Reina
Vocal 4 Kang Yeseo
Vocal 5 Huang XingQiao
Vocal 6 Hiyajo Nagomi
Vocal 7 Choi Yeyoung
Vocal 8 Poon Wingchi
Butterfly Main Vocal Ito Miyu
Vocal 1 Kim Yubin
Vocal 2 Huening Bahiyyih
Vocal 3 Sakamoto Shihona
Vocal 4 Suh Jimin
Vocal 5 Hsu Nientzu
Vocal 6 Wang QiuRu
Vocal 7 Nakamura Kyara
Vocal 8 Lin Shuyun
Oh My Girl "The Fifth Season" Our Season
(우리의 계절)
Main Vocal Kim Bora
Rapper 1 Terasaki Hina
Vocal 1 Nagai Manami
Vocal 2 Zhang LuoFei
Vocal 3 Lee Hyewon
Vocal 4 Hayase Hana
Vocal 5 Ryu Sion
Vocal 6 Liang Jiao
Vocal 7 Chang Ching
Oh My God!
Main Vocal Lee Rayeon
Rapper 1 Liang Qiao
Vocal 1 Hayashi Fuko
Vocal 2 Cho Haeun
Vocal 3 Cui Wenmeixiu
Vocal 4 Oki Fuka
Vocal 5 Ho Szeching
Vocal 6 Kanno Miyu
Vocal 7 Joung Min

Combination Mission (Episodes 6–7)[]

Winning Team
Killing Part
Leader and Killing Part

The teams were formed in Episode 6. Contestants are grouped into either teams of 3, 6 or 9. The performances were shown in Episodes 6 and 7.

Unlike the Connect Mission, the Combination Mission songs were specific to certain aspects of a performance such as Vocal or Dance.

The contestants in the winning teams each received a point benefit of 270,000 points divided by the number of members in the group.

Category(s) Performance Team Score Contestants
Order Original artist(s) Song Name
3-Contestant Teams
Rap 1 Woo Won-jae "We Are" 새벽 갬성
(Late Night Mood)
Kim Bora
Nagai Manami
Wen Zhe
Dance 3 Meghan Trainor "No Excuses" Bling Cling Girls Kim Suyeon
Ezaki Hikaru
Yang Zige
Vocal 5 Taeyeon "All About You" Girl's Poem Choi Yeyoung
Sakurai Miu
Huang Xingqiao
Vocal 6 ITZY "Mafia in the Morning" 마지야
93.83 Huh Jiwon
Sakamoto Mashiro
Fu Yaning
Rap 7 Show Me the Money 9 "VVS" V V Yes Lee Chaeyun
Kamimoto Kotone
Liang Jiao
Vocal 9 2PM "My House" Dream High Seo Youngeun
Kuwahara Ayana
Wang Yale


Digital EPs[]

Digital Singles[]