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PV ヘビーローテーション AKB48 公式

Heavy Rotation


JKT48 "Heavy Rotation" Music Video Digest-0

JKT48 - Heavy Rotation


SNH48 Heavy Rotation MV 《无尽旋转》HD

SNH48 - Heavy Rotation

Heavy Rotation is the main song from AKB48's 17th single Heavy Rotation, by Senbatsu. The song is also one of the Koko ni Ita Koto and Kono Hi no Chime wo Wasurenai tracks.

Due to the popularity of the song, it has also been covered in Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese by JKT48 and SNH48.

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  • In Heavy Rotation's PV, Sashihara Rino had the shortest screentime, only 2.5 seconds.[1]
  • Heavy Rotation was the most sung AKB48 song in the Karaoke chain "JOYSOUND" in 2011, and was actually the #1 song for that year's top 10.


  • Heavy Rotation appears on Kamen Rider Fourze series while Gentaro sit down on the party.


  1. AKBINGO! Episode 187

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