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SNH48's Honorary Graduates (荣誉毕业生) are members of SNH48 who graduated upon completing their contract. This group was formed on October 14, 2020 to commemorate the graduation of the remaining 1st Generation members, but has since been expanded to include individual members from subsequent generations.

Honorary Graduation 2023

Honorary Graduates, August 2023


  • The requirements to successfully graduate from the group and join the Honorary Graduates are:
    • For SNH48 1st Generation members, they only needed to be with the group for 8 years regardless of age.
    • For SNH48 2nd Generation members onwards, they can only successfully graduate from the group when they turn 30 years old.
      • Under this rule, members who are 29 years old as of December 31 of the same year as the event, or those who have been sent out by the company to pursue other careers like acting, can choose whether or not to join the group's major events (Election/Request Time) in that same year.
    • An SNH48 member must have completed the full term of their contract with the company.
  • Most members are still working with STAR48 under new contracts and appear every so often at SNH48 events.


1st Generation (2020) (Team SII)[]

2nd Generation[]

4th Generation[]