AKB48 - Flying Get lim B

Type B Limited Edition

AKB48-Ice no Kuchizuke

AKB48-Ice no Kuchizuke

Ice no Kuchizuke
(feat. Sasaki Yukari as Eguchi Aimi)

Ice no Kuchizuke is a coupling song from AKB48's 22nd single Flying Get.

Ice no Kuchizuke is sung by seven members of AKB48. One of the members being Eguchi Aimi, a CG member. This song is the only song that Eguchi Aimi features in, before it was revealed she was only part of a CM for Glico. Eguchi Aimi was revealed to be AKB48 Kenkyuusei Sasaki Yukari.


Kana Title
Romaji Title
AISU no Kuchizuke
English Title
Ice Cream Kiss
Flying Get (AKB48)

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