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Imaizumi Yui
今泉佑唯(いまいずみ ゆい)
2018 Ambivalent Imaizumi Yui.jpg
Imaizumi Yui, Ambivalent - 2018
Nickname Zuumin (ずーみん?)
Former Stage Name Kashiwagi Yui (柏木佑井?)
Birthdate September 30, 1998 (1998-09-30) (age 23)
Birthplace Kanagawa, Japan
Bloodtype O
Zodiac Sign ♎︎ Libra
Height 154cm
B-W-H 88-58-85cm
Shoe Size 24cm
Professional Information
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2015-2018
(3 Years 3 Months)
Agency **
Group Keyakizaka46
Generation 1st Generation
Associated Acts Keyakizaka46
Blog Instagram.png @yuuui_imaizumi
12px-Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svg.jpg @yuuui_imaizumi
Graduated November, 2018

Imaizumi Yui was a member of Kanji Keyakizaka46.


Singles Participation

Keyakizaka46 A-Sides

Keyakizaka46 B-Sides

AKB48 B-Sides

Albums Participation

Keyakizaka46 Albums



Solo Songs


  • [2018.10.03] Daremo Shiranai Watashi

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


  • Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?
  • Zankoku na Kankyakutachi
  • Love and Fortune (恋のツキ Koi no Tsuki) (2018)
  • The Good Wife (グッドワイフ) (Episode 6) (2019)
  • Human Testimony (人間の証 Ningen no Akashi) (Guest) (2019)
  • Million Joe (ミリオンジョー) (2019)
  • Eren the Southpaw (左ききのエレン Hidarikiki no Eren) (2019)
  • Midsummer's Boy: 19452020 (真夏の少年~19452020 Manatsu no Shonen: 19452020) (2020)
  • Mairu no Bitch (マイルノビッチ) (2021)


  • Brave Father Online: Our Story of Final Fantasy XIV (ファイナルファンタジーXIV 光のお父さん Fainaru Fantaji XIV: Hikari no Otousan) (2019)
  • Rolling Marbles (転がるビー玉 Korogaru Bidama) (2020)
  • A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad's an Alcoholic (酔うと化け物になる父がつらい You to Bakemono ni Naru Chichi ga Tsurai) (2021)

Stage Plays

  • Atami Satsujin Jiken LAST GENERATION 46 (『熱海殺人事件』LAST GENERATION 46) (2019)
  • Azumi ~Sengoku version~ (あずみ ~戦国編~) (2020)


  • Audition song: Hanamizuki (Hitoto Yo)
  • Favorite Nogizaka46 member: Hori Miona
  • Former member of the idol group Smile Gakuen under the name Kashiwagi Yui and nickname Yuiful
    • She was a former junior idol
    • During Tokyo Idol Festival 2016, she took a photo with drop member Koizumi Runa, who is also a former Smile Gakuen member
  • She plays a number of instruments. As of her debut: piano (12 years), flute (2 years) and drums (1.5 years)
  • With 4 elder brothers, she is the youngest in her family
  • At Keyakizaka46's first greeting event, she ended her introduction with an acappella rendition of an original song she wrote: Sugao (Honesty)
  • From April 2017 to August 2017, she was in hiatus due to bad health condition
    • During that time, her spot in any performance would be left empty
    • In the MV of Eccentric, her spot is either left empty or replaced by a shadow
    • She returned temporarily to film the MV for Getsuyoubi no Asa, Skirt wo Kirareta. Since the song is a prequel to Silent Majority, she had to wear a wig since she had cut her hair short during the hiatus
  • She is an "ar" regular model
  • She announced her graduation on August 7, 2018 and graduated in November of that year
  • Suspended her activities since August 2020 when she caught COVID-19. Although she recovered, her physical condition is poor so she is continuing her hiatus.
  • Announced her marriage and pregnancy to a controversial former YouTuber and rapper, Watanabe Mahoto, who was arrested in 2019 for abusing her former girlfriend before being released and solicited a 15 year old girl for nude photos.
    • She later announced that she would not register her marriage to him due to his arrest and would raise her child with the help of her family.
  • She gave birth to her first child on June 25, 2021