Ishiwata Sena
石綿星南(いしわた せな)
Ishiwata Sena AKB48 2020
Ishiwata Sena, 2020
Nickname Senatan (せなたん?)
Birthdate February 22, 2002 (2002-02-22) (age 18)
Birthplace Kanagawa, Japan
Bloodtype O
Zodiac Sign Pisces Pisces
Height 146cm
Professional Information
Years Active 2018-present
(2 Years)
Agency DH
group AKB48
Team Kenkyuusei
Generation 3rd Generation Draft Members
Associated Acts AKB48
SNS 20px-755_logo.png sena-ishiwata
Showroom Icon SHOWROOM

Ishiwata Sena is an AKB48 Kenkyuusei drafted by Team 4.


Minami no sora de ichiban kagayaiteru hoshi wa~? (Senata~n!) Anata no ichibanboshi ni naritai. CHIIMU 4 DORAFUTO Kenkyuusei no Senatan koto Ishiwata Sena desu.
(What is the brightest star in the south sky? (Senata~n!) I want to become your first star. Team 4 Draft Kenkyuusei, Ishiwata Sena known as Senatan.)

Team History

AKB48 Senbatsu Election

Singles Participation

Other Songs


  • A character that describes her: 笑 (smile)
  • Admired members: Murayama Yuiri and Yokoyama Yui
  • Charm point: Squishy cheeks
  • Hobbies: Watching stage plays
  • Favorite AKB48 song: Himawari, Seijun Philosophy
  • Favorite food: Fruits, ox tongue
  • Favorite hairstyle: Ponytail
  • Favorite number: 2
  • Favorite school subject: Math
  • Pros: Does things until the end
  • Cons: Shyness
  • Special skills: Clarinet
  • Right-handed
  • Team 4's 1st choice at the Draft


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