Ito Marika
伊藤万理華( いとう まりか)
Ito Marika Nogizaka46LLC
Ito Marika, Nogizaka46LLC - 2018
Nickname Bebitan (ベビたん)
Birthdate February 10, 1996 (1996-02-10) (age 24)
Birthplace Kanagawa, Japan
Bloodtype O
Zodiac Sign Aquarius Aquarius
Professional Information
Genres Idol
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2011-present (8 years;
6 Years 4 Months in Nogizaka46)
Agency Nogizaka46LLC
group Nogizaka46
Team Former Nogizaka46 1st Generation
Generation Nogizaka46 1st Generation
Associated Acts Nogizaka46
SNS Official Website
Instagram @marikaito_official
Graduated December 23, 2017
Ito Marika was a member of Nogizaka46's 1st Generation.


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  • Audition song: Kabutomushi (aiko)
  • Hobbies: Liverworts and ore observation/collection, dance, fashion coordination, handicraft (zakka), second-hand clothing shopping, eating matcha sweets, drinking soy bean milk
  • Favorite actress: Aoi Miyazaki, ikumi, Kikuchi Aikiko
  • Favorite artists: Kuusouiinkai, Asian Kung-fu Generation, Galileo Galilei, Soutaiseiriron, APOGEE
  • Favorite art style: Surrealism
  • Favorite food: Myoga, beef jerky, Japanese apricot, eggplant
  • Favorite manga: Taiyou no Ie, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Ao Haru Ride
  • Special skills: Classic ballet, jazz dance, calligraphy, drawing, making weird facial expressions
  • Good friends with: Inoue Sayuri, Nakamoto Himeka (Onsen Trio)
    • Her, Inoue and Nakamoto are known as the Onsen Trio (Hot Springs Trio) because they used to go to hot springs together, as shown in Nogizaka Under Construction
  • Future ambition: Actress
  • Likes drawing since young, and has aspired to be a manga artist, ballerina and fashion coordinator
  • Lived in Suita City in Osaka until second grade.
    • Has her own manga works
    • Her strongest subjects in secondary school were art and sports, and her grading in art was 5 on a scale of 1-5
  • Known by members for her good sense of fashion, but in reality she does not buy clothes often. Instead she likes to redesign older clothes or make them for herself
  • Her mother is a fashion designer
  • Graduated on December 23, 2017 (Announcement: October 2, 2017)
    • Announced graduation after launching her first art exhibition


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