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JNR48 has had a total of 19 original members during their first generation. As of June 2020, JNR48 has 19 members.

JNR48 Members

  • Bolded names indicate members, which are still active in JNR48 or one of the sister groups.
  • Italicized names indicate members with pending graduations
  • The members' pictures are of members who are still active and are listed in accordance to the alphabetical order of members in each generation.

1st Generation

  • Announced June 6, 2020.

Members (19): Chen YiNing, Wang YouRan, Chen ZiYi, Deng HanYing, Guo QingYu, Sheng Chang, Wang YaTing, Xu ZhiFan, Zhang GuYi | Yang BingRu (Joined the group on 2020/06/22) | Liu YiFei (Joined the group on 2020/06/24) | Feng YuXin, Qi Wang, Wei WeiNing, Yang XiEr, Wang YiXuan, Jiang JianLe, Yu ShiYi, Yin XiaoYu (Joined the group on 2020/06/30)

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