Ju JingYi
Ju JingYi SNH48 June 2017
Ju JingYi, 2017
Nickname Kiku
XiaoJu (小鞠?)
Birthdate June 18, 1994 (1994-06-18) (age 26)
Birthplace Suining, Sichuan, China
Bloodtype O
Zodiac Sign Gemini Gemini
Height 159cm
Professional Information
Years Active 2013-2018
(4 Years 7 Months)
Agency STAR48
Group SNH48
Team Former Team NII
Generation SNH48 2nd Generation
Associated Acts SNH48
SNS Weibo @ 鞠婧祎
Weibo @ 鞠婧祎个人工作室
Instagram @kikuchanj
Official Site
Graduated March, 2018

Ju JingYi was a member of SNH48's Team NII. She is now on a solo career and has her own studio, affiliated with STAR48.


大家好,我是SNH48 Team NII的鞠婧祎。
Dàjiā hǎo, wǒ shì SNH48 Team NII de jū jìng yī.
(Hello everyone, I am SNH48 Team NII’s Ju JingYi.)

Team History

SNH48 Senbatsu Elections

Solo EPs

  1. [2016.10.27] Fighting Day
  2. [2017.06.08] Yes or No (等不到你)

Digital Singles

  1. [2016.07.01] Fighting Day
  2. [2017.12.18] RAIN (分裂时差)
  3. [2017.16.08] Luohua Chengni (落花成泥)
  4. [2018.07.01] Tan Yunxi (叹云兮)
  5. [2018.12.15] Don't touch
  6. [2019.01.01] Tianchang (天长)
  7. [2019.03.14] Qinnian Deng Yi Hui (千年等一回)
  8. [2019.04.01] Du Qing (渡情)

Singles Participation

SNH48 A-Sides

SNH48 B-Sides

Other Singles

Albums Participation

SNH48 Albums


Seine River

Stage Units

RS2 (Theater no Megami)
Yokaze no Shiwaza
NII1 (Theater no Megami)
Yokaze no Shiwaza
NII2 (Saka Agari)
Mushi no Ballad
NII3 (Mokugekisha)
Enjou Rousen
NII4 (Boku no Taiyou)
Itoshisa no defense

Concert Units

SNH48 Guangzhou Concert

  • [[Yokaze no Shiwaza (SNH48 Song)|]Yokaze no Shiwaza]

SNH48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2014

SNH48 Sousenkyo Concert in Shanghai

SNH48 Request Hour Setlist Best 30 2015

Solo Songs

Media Appearances


  • Novoland The Castle in The Sky (九州·天空城)
  • Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud (軒轅劍之漢之雲)
  • Mr. Swimmer (游泳先生)
  • Yun Xi Chuan (芸汐传)
  • Qing ci wo yishuang chibang (请赐我一双翅膀)

Web Dramas

  • Detective Samoyeds (热血长安)


  • MoTian Jie (魔天劫)
  • Love, at first (愛之初體驗)


  • StarLight (星梦之光)


  • Skills: Can eat spicy food, dancing
  • Hobbies: Watching TV, dancing, daze
  • Favorite artist: Teresa Teng
  • Special skills: Dance (including ballet and jazz dance), going into a trance, eat spicy food
  • Good friends with: Lin SiYi and Li YiTong
  • Was a model prior to joining SNH48
  • Plays the piano and violin
  • Was named the idol that appears once in a 4,000 years, by a Japanese magazine and the wotas
  • She didn't participate in any presentation at the theater for more than a year due to her heavy workload as an actress. Despite this, she won the 4th Senbatsu Election
  • After her graduation announcement, she has been “promoted” to the new special group “Star Palace” (明星殿堂) and her own individual studio was created to help manage her career


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