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Juewujinyou de Gandong

SNH48 10th Anniv Album Cover


SNH48 10th Anniv Album Digital Cover
Digital Cover

Released: March 1, 2022
Genre: C-Pop
Format: Album
Recorded: 2022
Label: Yongdao Star Entertainment
Producer: Wang ZiJie
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SNH48 10th Anniv Album Promo

SNH48 2nd Album
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Special Album
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Singles from Juewujinyou de Gandong

Included in CD

  1. Once Upon the Light of Dawn

Juewujinyou de Gandong (绝无仅有的感动) is the 2nd Album released by SNH48.

Tracklist Details[]

  1. (NEW) Juewujinyou (绝无仅有)
  2. (STG) Yi Shi Zhou de Mingyi (以十洲的名义) / SNH48 Dream Star Palace & Honorary Graduates
  3. (STG) Wo de Wutai (我的舞台) / Team SII
  4. (STG) Qingchun Bu San (青春不散) / Team NII
  5. (STG) Ruguo You ni Zai (如果有你在) / Team HII
  6. (STG) Meng yu Xingguang de Haishang (梦与星光的海上) / Team X
  7. (STG) Gravity (重力) / Team G
  8. (STG) Bu Fangshou (不放手) / Team NIII
  9. (STG) Zen / Team Z
  10. (EP) Once Upon the Light of Dawn (晨曦下的我们) / BEJ48
  11. (STG) Remember You (记得你) / CKG48

(NEW = New Song | STG = Stage Song | EP = EP )

Included Members[]


Senbatsu (16 Members) (Yuan YiQi Center)

"Yi Shi Zhou de Mingyi"[]

SNH48 Dream Star Palace & Honorary Graduates (8 Members) (Ju JingYi Center)

"Wo de Wutai"[]

Team SII (20 Members) (Duan YiXuan Center)

"Qingchun Bu San"[]

Team NII (19 Members) (Zhou ShiYu Center)

"Ruguo You ni Zai"[]

Team HII (16 Members) (Yuan YiQi Center)

"Meng yu Xingguang de Haishang"[]

Team X (18 Members) (Song XinRan Center)


Team G (15 Members) (Zhang QiongYu Center)

"Bu Fangshou"[]

Team NIII (13 Members) (Zheng DanNi Center)


Team Z (19 Members) (Tang LiJia Center)

"Once Upon the Light of Dawn"[]

BEJ48 (18 Members) (Huang XuanQi Center)

"Remember You"[]

CKG48 (22 Members) (Gao XueYi Center)


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