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Chino Shinobu

Kayano Shinobu, also known as Chino Shinobu, is the AKB48 Group General Manager and AKB48's main stylist, being in charge of all their costumes.


  • Name: Chino Shinobu (茅野しのぶ?)
  • Birth Name: Kayano Shinobu


  • Google+: Chino Shinobu
  • Known for her good relationship with the members
  • In AKB48's Seibu Dome Concert, Chino and the staff made 900 costumes.
  • In one year, they make 1,700 costumes.
  • The costumes for the Japan Record Awards, the staff put all the pieces by hand on that day.
  • The costumes are designed according to the image of the members and song
  • In 2012, more than 4,500 costumes were made, more than any other year so far.
  • Their was one specific costume that she put her emotions and thoughts into, which was the White Dress for Maeda Atsuko's graduation celebration was held, Tokyo Dome.