Kinoshita Momoka
木下百花(きのした ももか)
2017 NMB48 Kinoshita Momoka
Kinoshita Momoka, 2017
Nickname Kinoshita (きのした?)
Birthdate February 6, 1996 (1996-02-06) (age 24)
Birthplace Hyogo, Japan
Bloodtype A
Zodiac Sign Aquarius Aquarius
Height 153cm
Professional Information
Years Active 2010-2017
(7 Years)
Agency Showtitle
group NMB48
Team Former Team M
Generation NMB48 1st Generation
Associated Acts NMB48
SNS Official Site
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Graduated September, 2017

Kinoshita Momoka was a member of NMB48's Team M.


リンゴかミカンかやっぱり(ももか!) 木の上よりも木の下が好き。兵庫県出身23歳 きのしたこと 木下百花です
Ringo ka MIKAN ka yappari (Momoka!) Ki no ue yori mo ki no shita ga suki. Hyogo-ken shusshin 23-sai Kinoshita koto Kinoshita Momoka desu
(An apple or a mikan, either way (Momoka!) I like being under a tree rather than climbing it. From Hyogo prefecture, I am 23-year old Kinoshita or Kinoshita Momoka)

Team History

  • 2010.10.09 - Joined NMB48 as a Kenkyuusei
  • 2012.01.26 - Promoted to Team M (Team M Formation)
  • 2017.09.27 - Graduated from NMB48's Team M (Announcement: July 23, 2017)

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

Singles Participation

NMB48 A-Sides

NMB48 B-Sides

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Stage Units

M1 (Idol no Yoake)
Tengoku Yarou
Zannen Shoujo (New units)
Kiseki wa ma ni Awanai
M1 Revival (Idol no Yoake)
Itoshiki Natasha

Concert Units

NMB48 1st Anniversary Special Live

Minogashita Kimitachi e 2 ~AKB48 Group Zenkouen~

NMB48 Request Hour Best 30 2013

AKB48 2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour ~Mada mada, Yaranakya Ikenai koto ga aru~

Osaka Dome

NMB48 3rd Anniversary Special Live

Day 1
Day 2

NMB48 Western Japan Tour 2013 12/31

NMB48 Team M Osaka Tour 2014 ~Benchi Atametemashita~

Kishiwada Municipal Namikiri Hall
Osakasayama Culture Hall SAYAKA Hall

NMB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 50 2014

NMB48 National Tour

Sendai Sunplaza (Sendai)
Sonic City Big Hall (Omiya)

NMB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2015

Chaos Stage

Solo Songs

Media Appearances



  • Audition Song: Hare Hare Yukai (from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi)
  • Hobbies: Drawing, playing anime songs on piano, cosplay, eating bugs, visiting reptile cafes
  • Favorite AKB48 song: overture
  • Favorite food: Celery, cucumber, meat
  • Special skill: Back exercises
  • Good friends with: Ichikawa Miori, Koyanagi Arisa, Mita Mao
  • Former member of Art Club
  • She used to be a hikikomori for about a year before joining NMB48, and had no interest in idols. Her mother sent in her audition application and left her at the audition space so she would have to audition. She has said she still doesn't consider herself an idol
  • Known for her "crazy" personality
  • NMB48's theater manager Kaneko Takeshi described her as "a girl who in fact likes to stand out. She's a smart girl who knows how to portray herself, and out of the members she is one of the girls with the strongest will"
  • Loves gore. As part of the AKB48 Art Club activities, she submitted a papier-mâché sculpture of a decapitated head with blood coming out from the sides. It was deemed too grotesque for the exhibition and was left out
  • Often says she is in love with Watanabe Miyuki. Her appeal video for the 5th Senbatsu Election was asking fans to vote for Milky. However, as of 2014, she has stated that she has 'oshihened' and revealed in 2015 that her oshimen was Kushiro Rina
  • First dyed her hair red for a drama. Other colours include pink, purple, blue, emerald green and aqua
  • Says she would date Naiki Kokoro or Ichikawa Miori. She often says that she doesn't feel attracted to guys
  • Wants to become a NEET after she graduates


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