Klaryle Mercado
Klaryle Mercado MNL48 2020
Klaryle Mercado, 2020
Nickname Klaryle (クラリル?)
Real Name Klaryle Asuncion Mercado
Birthdate June 20, 2002 (2002-06-20) (age 18)
Birthplace Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Bloodtype **
Zodiac Sign Gemini Gemini
Height 165cm
Professional Information
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2020-present
(0 years)
Agency Hallohallo Entertainment Inc.
Group MNL48
Team Trainee
Generation 3rd Generation
Associated Acts MNL48
SNS Instagram @klaryle0620

Klaryle Mercado is a MNL48 Trainee.

Team History


  • Likes: Pink things, cats, dogs, Lalaloopsy
  • Hobbies: Taking care of dogs and dancing, swimming, listening to music, dancing, roblox
  • Special Talents: Flexibility, puppy bark and cat sounds
  • Favorite book: Alice's Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  • Favorite color: Pink
  • Favorite AKB48 member: Sashihara Rino
  • Favorite MNL48 song: Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
  • Loves eating sweets.
  • If she will become a Disney Princess, she would choose to be Pocahontas.
  • Describes herself as helpful, big-hearted, and fast.
  • If she can have a supper powers, it would be psychokinesis


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