Kodchaporn Leelatheep
กชพร ลีละทีป
Kodchaporn Leelatheep, Chiang Mai 106
Nickname Champoo (シャンプー?)
Birthdate October 10, 2005 (2005-10-10) (age 14)
Birthplace Lampang, Thailand
Bloodtype B
Zodiac Sign Libra Libra
Height 155cm
Professional Information
Genres Thai-pop
Years Active 2019-present
(0 years)
Agency iAM
group CGM48
Team Trainee
Generation 1st Generation
SNS 18px-Facebook_icon.svg.png cgm48official.champoo
Instagram @champoo.cgm48official

Kodchaporn Leelatheep is a CGM48 Trainee.

Team History

  • 2019.10.26 - Joined CGM48 as a trainee

BNK48 Senbatsu Elections

Singles Participation

CGM48 B-Sides

Other Songs


  • Likes: Stitch, cute keychains, disney songs, Cats.
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, singing, drawing, watching movies, watching cartoons.
  • Favorite snacks: Pudding, jelly and cookies.
  • Favorite colors: Yellow.
  • Favorite Disney princess: Rapunzel.
  • She calls her fans conditioner, because of her name being ‘Shampoo’
  • Dislikes sour fruits, pungent vegetables, roti
  • Likes most animals, especially cats
  • She dislikes spicy food
  • She likes snakes, especially the yellow albino ones
  • She likes white tigers and alpaca’s
  • Her favorite breakfast is boiled rice with porridge


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