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Lemon no Toshigoro (柠檬的年纪 / 檸檬の年頃) is a song from SNH48's Team SII 4th Stage.


  • Artist: SNH48
  • Writer: Akimoto Yasushi
  • Composer: Sumida Shinya
  • Arranger: Nonaka "Masa" Yuichi
  • Chinese Title: 柠檬的年纪
  • Pinyin Title: Níngméng de Niánjì
  • Japanese Title: 檸檬(レモン)の年頃
  • Romaji Title: REMON no Toshigoro
  • English Translation: Lemon's Age
  • Stage: Team SII 4th Stage
  • Origin: AKB48 - Lemon no Toshigoro (1830m, 2012)

Performing Members[]

Stage Versions[]

This song was performed by the stage's Zenza Girls of that performance.