MNL48 2nd General Election
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Vital Information
Participants MNL48
Date April 27, 2019
Location ABS-CBN Vertis Tent, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
The MNL48 2nd General Election was announced on February 28, 2019. It was held on April 27, 2019 at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Fans can vote for their favorite member.

Voting Method

Fans had 2 methods of voting. Voting opened on April 1, 2019 and closed on April 26, 2019 at 9:00 PM.

  1. Voting ballots included on all their singles and selected merchandises
  2. VIP member of MNL48 Fan Club App

Selected Members

Number of votes for each member was not revealed

Final Results

  1. Aly (Team NIV) (Senbatsu Center) (↑25)
  2. Sela (Team L) (↑1)
  3. Abby (Team NIV) (↓1)
  4. Sheki (Team MII) (↓3)
  5. Sayaka (Team MII) (↑7)
  6. Jamie (Trainee) (NEW)
  7. Alice (Team MII) (↓1)
  8. Ash (Team L) (↑1)
  9. Rans (Team MII) (NEW)
  10. Faith (Team MII) (↑3)
  11. Jan (Team MII) (↑13)
  12. Gabb (Team L) (↓2)
  13. Jem (Team NIV) (↓2)
  14. Kyla (Team L) (↑7)
  15. Grace (Team L) (-)
  16. Rowee (Trainee) (NEW)

17. Thea (Team L) (Undergirls Center) (↑28)
18. Coleen (Team NIV) (NEW)
19. Chess (Team MII) (↑29)
20. Brei (Team NIV) (↑18)
21. Ruth (Team NIV) (↑14)
22. Lara (Team NIV) (↓8)
23. Kay (Team L) (↑11)
24. Belle (Team NIV) (↓1)
25. Amy (Trainee) (NEW)
26. Joyce (Team NIV) (↓4)
27. Tin (Team L) (↓23)
28. Alyssa (Team NIV) (↓11)
29. Yssa (Trainee) (NEW)
30. Mari (Team L) (↓3)
31. Miho (Trainee) (NEW)
32. Dian (Team L) (↓10)

33. Emz (Trainee) (Next Girls Center) (NEW)
34. Yzabel (Trainee) (NEW)
35. Ecka (Team NIV) (↑9)
36. Dani (Trainee) (NEW)
37. Dana (Team MII) (↓12)
38. Ice (Trainee) (NEW)
39. Laney (Trainee) (NEW)
40. Jaydee (Team NIV) (↓8)
41. Klaire (Trainee) (NEW)
42. Quincy (Team L) (↓26)
43. Cole (Trainee) (NEW)
44. Daryll (Team NIV) (↓15)
45. Lei (Team L) (↓6)
46. Shaira (Team MII) (↓9)
47. Shaina (Team L) (↓14)
48. Andi (Team MII) (NEW)

Preliminary Results

Participating Members


  • It was announced that only the Top 48 ranking members will be the 2nd year members of MNL48.
  • Jamie has the biggest ranking increase from non-rank to Rank 6 while Ella has the biggest ranking decrease from Rank 6 to non-rank.

Candidate Promotion Poster

  • MNL48 Team MII, AliceGo to Alice Margarita De Leon
  • MNL48 Team MII, CasseyGo to Cassandra Mae Pestillos
  • MNL48 Team MII, JanGo to Cristine Jan Elaurza
  • MNL48 Team MII, DanaGo to Dana Leanne Brual
  • MNL48 Team MII, NiceGo to Eunys Abad
  • MNL48 Team MII, FaithGo to Faith Shanrae Santiago
  • MNL48 Team MII, RansGo to Francinne Rifol
  • MNL48 Team MII, EsselGo to Jessel Montaos
  • MNL48 Team MII, NeccaGo to Necca Adelan
  • MNL48 Team MII, ChessGo to Princess Labay
  • MNL48 Team MII, EricaGo to Princess Erica Sanico
  • MNL48 Team MII, AndiGo to Sandee Garcia
  • MNL48 Team MII, SayakaGo to Sayaka Awane
  • MNL48 Team MII, ShairaGo to Shaira Duran
  • MNL48 Team MII, ShaGo to Sharei Engbino
  • MNL48 Team MII, ShekiGo to Shekinah Arzaga
  • MNL48 Team NIV, AbbyGo to Abelaine Trinidad
  • MNL48 Team NIV, AlyssaGo to Alyssa Nicole Garcia
  • MNL48 Team NIV, BreiGo to Aubrey Binuya
  • MNL48 Team NIV, BelleGo to Aubrey Ysabelle Delos Reyes
  • MNL48 Team NIV, ColeenGo to Coleen Trinidad
  • MNL48 Team NIV, DaryllGo to Daryll Matalino
  • MNL48 Team NIV, EllaGo to Ella Mae Amat
  • MNL48 Team NIV, EckaGo to Ericka Joyce Sibug
  • MNL48 Team NIV, HazelGo to Hazel Joy Marzonia
  • MNL48 Team NIV, JaydeeGo to Jennifer Nandy Villaruel
  • MNL48 Team NIV, JemGo to Jemimah Caldejon
  • MNL48 Team NIV, AlyGo to Jhona Alyanah Padillo
  • MNL48 Team NIV, LaraGo to Lara Mae Layar
  • MNL48 Team NIV, MadieGo to Madelaine Epilogo
  • MNL48 Team NIV, RuthGo to Ruther Marie Lingat
  • MNL48 Team NIV, JoyceGo to Valerie Joyce Daita
  • MNL48 Team L, TheaGo to Althea Itona
  • MNL48 Team L, AshGo to Ashley Cloud Garcia
  • MNL48 Team L, TinGo to Christine Ann Coloso
  • MNL48 Team L, DianGo to Dian Marie Mercado
  • MNL48 Team L, GabbGo to Gabrielle Skribikin
  • MNL48 Team L, GhiaGo to Guinevere Muse
  • MNL48 Team L, KayGo to Kaede Ishiyama
  • MNL48 Team L, JewelGo to Khyan Jewel Cacapit
  • MNL48 Team L, KylaGo to Kyla Angelica Marie De Catalina
  • MNL48 Team L, LeiGo to Lorraine Leigh Lacumba
  • MNL48 Team L, MariGo to Mariz Iyog
  • MNL48 Team L, SelaGo to Marsela Mari Guia
  • MNL48 Team L, GraceGo to Mary Grace Buenaventura
  • MNL48 Team L, PrincessGo to Princess Rius Briquillo
  • MNL48 Team L, QuincyGo to Quincy Josiah Santillan
  • MNL48 Team L, ShainaGo to Shaina Duran
  • MNL48 Trainee, GailGo to Abbigail Shaine Reyes
  • MNL48 Trainee, AlexGo to Alexie Iris Dimaayo
  • MNL48 Trainee, SandraGo to Alyssandra Corteza
  • MNL48 Trainee, AmyGo to Amanda Isidto
  • MNL48 Trainee, NileGo to Anne Nicole Casitas
  • MNL48 Trainee, ColeGo to Ashley Nicole Somera
  • MNL48 Trainee, YssaGo to Chelsey Yssacky Bautista
  • MNL48 Trainee, SamGo to Christina Samantha Tagana
  • MNL48 Trainee, IseylleGo to Chrisylle Joy Mondejar
  • MNL48 Trainee, YzabelGo to Dana Yzabel Divinagracia
  • MNL48 Trainee, DaniGo to Daniella Mae Palmero
  • MNL48 Trainee, ViraGo to Edelvira Bandong
  • MNL48 Trainee, EmzGo to Erica Maria Macabutas
  • MNL48 Trainee, FrancesGo to Francese Therese Pinlac
  • MNL48 Trainee, MelaGo to Jamela Magbanlac
  • MNL48 Trainee, JeanGo to Je-ann Benette Guinto
  • MNL48 Trainee, AraGo to Karla Jane Tolentino
  • MNL48 Trainee, KlaireGo to Klaire Presno
  • MNL48 Trainee, LaneyGo to Lorelaine Sañosa
  • MNL48 Trainee, RoweeGo to Loulle Angelyn Villaflores
  • MNL48 Trainee, JamieGo to Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto
  • MNL48 Trainee, MihoGo to Miho Hoshino
  • MNL48 Trainee, IshGo to Missy Ainza
  • MNL48 Trainee, NaomiGo to Naomi Roniele De Guzman
  • MNL48 Trainee, IceGo to Nicelle Joy Bozon
  • MNL48 Trainee, YnaGo to Polaris Yna Salazar
  • MNL48 Trainee, KarlaGo to Ruth Carla Dela Paz
  • MNL48 Trainee, SunGo to Shay Anne Enciso
  • MNL48 Trainee, TrishGo to Trisha Labrador

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