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MNL48 has had a total of 110 original members over their three generations. As of July 2021, MNL48 has 32 members and 9 Trainee members.

Like in AKB48, regular auditions to recruit new members are held, and the future successful candidates, the Trainee members, take part of a in-training team of members that work as sub and under for the official members in various activities (mostly the theater performances). And then, when any of the official members graduate, a girl is promoted to fill the space.

MNL48 Members

  • Bolded names indicate members, which are still active in MNL48 or one of the sister groups.
  • Italicized names indicate members with pending graduations
  • The members' pictures are of members who are still active and are listed in accordance to the alphabetical order of members in each generation.

1st Generation

  • Announced in April 28, 2018.

Members (73): Abby, Alice, Aly, Alyssa, Andi, Ann, Arol, Ash, Belle, Brei, Cassey, Celine, Cess, Coleen, Dana, Dani, Daryll, Dian, Ecka, Eda, Ella, Emz, Erica, Essel, Faith, Gabb, Gia, Grace, Hazel, Ikee, Jan, Jaydee, Jem, Jewel, Joyce, Kana, Karla, Kay, Kyla, Laney, Lara, Lei, Madie, Mae, Mari, Mela, Necca, Niah, Nice, Nina, Nix, Princess, Quincy, Rans, Reiko, Reina, Rowee, Ruth, Sayaka, Sela, Sha, Shaina, Shaira, Sheki, Thea, Tin, Trixie, Van, Vern, Vira, Yna, Zen | Cole (Joined the group on May 16, 2018)

2nd Generation

  • Announced on March 25, 2019

Members (20): Alex, Amy, Ara, Frances, Gail, Ice, Ish, Isylle, Jamie, Jean, Klaire, Miho, Naomi, Nile, Sam, Sandra, Sun, Trish, Yssa, Yzabel

3rd Generation

  • Announced on March 15, 2020

Members (17): Charm, CJ, Glaze, Jana, Jash, Jie, Kath, Klaryle, Lyza, Miyaka, Ruby, Rachel, Rain, Rhea, Rianna, Yiesha | Jelay (Joined the group on March 26, 2020)