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Mai Yak Gep Wai Nai Jai
INDYCAMP2023 Satchan Digital

Digital Cover
Released: September 28, 2023
Genre: T-Pop
Format: Digital Single
Label Independent Records
INDY CAMP Digital Chronology
Taan Dta Wan Neung Theung Ter
10th Single
Kong Tong Bok Hai Ruu
12th Single

Mai Yak Gep Wai Nai Jai (Sak Wan Kong Glah Paw) (ไม่อยากเก็บไว้ในใจ (สักวันคงกล้าพอ)) is a song from INDY CAMP's 2nd album INDY CAMP 2023, by Satchan. It was originally released as the 11th pre-release single for the project.


  • Artist: Satchan
  • Author / Composer / Arranger: Satchan
  • Thai Title: ไม่อยากเก็บไว้ในใจ (สักวันคงกล้าพอ)
  • Title Romanization: mâi yàāk gèp wái nai zhai (sàk wan kong glâā paāw)
  • Title Translation: I Don't Want to Keep it Holding in my Heart (One Day I'll be Brave Enough)
  • Album: INDY CAMP 2023 (2nd album)

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