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Majimuri Gakuen Stage (舞台版「マジムリ学園」 Butai-ban「Majimuri Gakuen」?) is an alternate version of the events in Majimuri Gakuen. The role of central characters is shared between Oguri Yui, who portrays Lilly, and Okada Nana, who portrays Nero, replacing Takino Yumiko's Manji in the series.


"Arashigaoka Educational Institute" has a hierarchical system that displeases Hina, Bara, and Sumire, which led to them forming "Hanagumi", appointing Lilly as their leader. Around the same time, "Arechi Techinical High School" was also having their own power struggle between its 4 Heavenly Queens: Queenbee, Zombie, Akainu, and Nero. When a student from Arashigaoka was attacked in the stairway path known as "Jigokuzaka" between the two schools, Lilly heads out to investigate.


W Center
Arashigaoka Faculty
Cafe "Ai Love You"
Arashigaoka Student Council
Arechi Technical High School


some guests who also appeared in the drama appeared as a different character


  • In terms of chronological placement, the events of this stage replaces/occurred during Zwei's Assault Arc.