Manita Chanchai
มานิตา จันทร์ฉาย
Kaiwan CGM48 Mar 2021.jpg
Manita Chanchai, Mali - 2021
Nickname Kaiwan (カイワーン?)
Birthdate January 6, 2004 (2004-01-06) (age 17)
Birthplace Phitsanulok, Thailand
Bloodtype B
Zodiac Sign Capricorn.png Capricorn
Height 152cm
Professional Information
Genres Thai-pop
Years Active 2019-present
(1 years)
Agency iAM
Group CGM48
Team Trainee
Generation 1st Generation
SNS F icon.svg cgm48official.kaiwan
Instagram.png @kaiwan.cgm48official

Manita Chanchai is a CGM48 Trainee.

Team History

  • 2019.10.26 - Joined CGM48 as a trainee

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Media Appearances


  • Hao Peng Jah Yah Gang Nong (ห้าวเป้งจ๋า อย่าแกงน้อง) (2021)


  • Likes: Watching movies, traveling to other provinces.
  • Hobbies: Eating, watching movies, traveling.
  • Admired Members: Kaew
  • Favorite fruits: Mango
    • She can drink mango juice all day
  • She likes to take pictures of the sky
  • Can eat alot of fruit, and loves to eat it
  • She has liked BNK48 since it started, and has her collectibles
  • Though she likes fruit, she dislikes vegetables alot
  • She says her special talent is dance, and usually dances in the traditional Thai dance


Team C

Aom (CGM48's Captain) | Izurina


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Janken Tournament 2020

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