Mayu46 Centers OtonaJellyBeans

Watanabe Mayu with Hoshino Minami, Ikoma Rina, and Ikuta Erika

Mayuzaka46 (まゆ坂46?), or Mayu46 to some, is a special AKB48 and Nogizaka46 collaboration unit created for the song Twintail wa Mou shinai from the single Otona Jelly Beans.



Kojizaka46 N46 Under Live II


During the AKB48 Group Janken Taikai 2014, when Kojima Haruna was matched up against Ikoma Rina (who has a concurrent status in AKB48 at that time), Kojima brought along 4 members of Nogizaka46 (Kawago Hina, Nagashima Seira, Saito Yuri, and Nakada Kana). This formed the impromptu unit Kojizaka46 (こじ坂46?). After Ikoma lost, she was recruited into the unit by Kojima as part of a wager.

The official members of the sub-unit were introduced in "Nogizaka46 Under Live Second Season". They performed Kaze no Rasen, the Type-D coupling song for Kibouteki Refrain, AKB48's 38th single.



  • Watanabe Mayu and Nogizaka46 previously worked together in the drama Saba Doru, where Mayuyu was transferred to Nogizaka46, and then withdrew in preparation for her solo debut.
  • Ikoma Rina and Nakada Kana are the only two Nogizaka46 members to be a part of both collaboration units.


Watch the original PV for Twintail wa mou shinai here!

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