Mukai Hazuki
向井葉月(むかい はづき)
Mukai Hazuki N46 Shiawase
Mukai Hazuki, Shiawase no Hogosyoku - 2020
Nickname Hazuki (はづき)
Birthdate August 23, 1999 (1999-08-23) (age 20)
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Bloodtype A
Zodiac Sign Virgo Virgo
Professional Information
Genres Idol
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2016-present
(3 Years)
Agency N46Div.
group Nogizaka46
Team 3rd Generation
Generation Nogizaka46 3rd Generation
Associated Acts Nogizaka46
SNS 3rd Gen blog

Mukai Hazuki is a member of Nogizaka46's 3rd Generation.


Singles Participation

Nogizaka46 B-Sides

Other Original Songs

Albums Participation

Nogizaka46 Albums

Media Appearances

Stage Plays

  • 3nin no Principal (3人のプリンシパル) (2017)
  • Migoroshi Hime (見殺し姫) (2017)
  • Hoshi no Ojou-sama (星の王女さま) (2018)
  • Nana Maru San Batsu THE QUIZ STAGE ROUND2 (2019)
  • Kojikoji (コジコジ) (2019)
  • Nogizaka46 Version "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Musical 2019 (乃木坂46版 ミュージカル「美少女戦士セーラームーン」2019)


  • Zambi (ザンビ) (2019)

Variety Shows


  • Admired members: Hoshino Minami.
  • Her entry number during the audition is 7 and was ranked at 9th Place during the Showroom part of the auditions.
  • Her Showroom, along with Umezawa Minami's and Entry No. 2, were the only ones that have audio-only during the Showroom part of the audition due to personal reasons.
    • Aside from Entry No. 2, both Mukai Hazuki's and Umezawa Minami's faces (video or photo) weren't shown until the revelation of the 3rd Gen members.
  • Plays guitar and dreams of playing Shibuya Blues live
  • Likes socks, cats and walls
  • Known for eating a lot
  • Took over co-hosting duties from Ito Karin of Shogi Focus in March 2019
  • Failed Nogizaka46's 2nd generation auditions


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