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NMB48 (short for Namba48) is a Japanese all-female idol group based in Namba, Osaka, where they have their own theater, located in the Yes-Namba Building. The group, established in 2010, was the third sister group of AKB48. NMB48 is produced by Akimoto Yasushi and signed under laugh out loud records. Currently the group consists of three teams: Team N, Team M, and Team BII.


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The creation of AKB48's third sister group was announced in July 2010. Akimoto Yasushi revealed that he would continue his plan for a franchise of idol groups in Japan, by forming a group in Namba. Auditions were held in August 2010, and were broadcast on the TV show "Starhime Sagashitarou", which featured members of SKE48. The 26 girls who passed the auditions were introduced in October 2010 at AKB48's Tokyo Aki Matsuri.


NMB Members

NMB48, December 2011

NMB48 performed for the first time at their theater in January 2011. During this performance, the members of NMB48's first team was announced. In March, Team N was formed with Yamamoto Sayaka appointed as captain. The 2nd generation of the group was announced in May. NMB48's debut single, Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo, was released in July. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo sold over 200,000 copies in its first week. The single also reached the top of the Oricon charts. This made NMB48 the second girl group to reach number 1 at debut.


In January 2012, NMB48's second team was formed with 16 members. Shimada Rena was appointed as captain of Team M. The third generation of NMB48 was announced in February. In May, Team M began to perform their first stage at the theater. During the Tokyo Dome concert in August, it was announced that AKB48 member Yokoyama Yui would have a concurrent position in NMB48. Kotani Riho and Watanabe Miyuki received concurrencies in AKB48. On October 10, Team BII was formed by sixteen members of the third generation. Kamieda Emika was made the captain of the team. The fourth generation of NMB48 was announced in December.



NMB48, April 2013

At the AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai in April 2013, Yokoyama Yui's concurrent position in NMB48 was ended. AKB48 member Ichikawa Miori was given a concurrency in Team N instead. In November, four members joined NMB48 from the first AKB48 Group Draft.


During the AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri in February 2014, NMB48 underwent its first shuffle. Kashiwagi Yuki, Murashige Anna, and Takayanagi Akane were given concurrencies in NMB48. Co-Captains for every team were appointed for the first time. Ichikawa Miori, Fujie Reina, and Umeda Ayaka were transferred permanently from AKB48 to NMB48. The centers of the group, Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki, were given concurrencies. Ogasawara Mayu was transferred permanently to AKB48.


NMB48 Members

Team N

Team M

Team BII

NMB48 Kenkyuusei


Team N

Team N, 2017

Team M

Team M, 2017

Team BII

Team BII, 2017

Former Members

Team N

Team M

Team BII

NMB48 Kenkyuusei

Sister Groups


Single Units



Team N

  • 1st Stage (誰かのために / Dareka no Tame ni) [2011.01.01 - 2011.05.16]
  • 2nd Stage (青春ガールズ / Seishun Girls) [2011.05.19 - 2012.09.20]
  • 3rd Stage (ここにだって天使はいる / Koko ni datte Tenshi wa Iru) [2013.11.19 - 2014.04.16 & 2014.04.30 - 2016.12.19]
  • 4th Stage (目撃者 / Mokugekisha) [2017.01.15 - present]

Team M

  • 1st Stage (アイドルの夜明け / Idol no Yoake) [2012.05.05 - 2014.04.17 & 2017.01.24 - present]
  • 2nd Stage (RESET / RESET) [2014.05.02 - 2016.12.25]

Team BII

  • 1st Stage (会いたかった / Aitakatta) [2012.10.10 - 2013.10.17]
  • 2nd Stage (ただいま 恋愛中 / Tadaima Renaichuu) [2013.11.01 - 2014.04.14]
  • 3rd Stage (逆上がり / Saka Agari) [2014.04.22 - 2016.12.11]
  • 4th Stage (恋愛禁止条例 / Renai Kinshi Jourei) [2017.01.31 - present]


  • 1st Stage (誰かのために / Dareka no Tame ni) [2011.01.01 - 2011.05.16]
  • 2nd Stage (PARTYが始まるよ / Party ga Hajimaru yo) [2011.08.13-?]
  • 3rd Stage (会いたかった / Aitakatta) [2011.04.29 - 2012.10.06]
  • 4th Stage (青春ガールズ / Seishun Girls) [2013.02.01 - 2014.10.05]
  • 5th Stage (想像の詩人 / Souzou no Shijin)[2014.10.24 - 2015.03.18]
  • 6th Stage (届かなそうで届くもの / Todokanasou de Todoku Mono) [2016.10.04 - 2017.05.29]


  • 1st Stage (ここにだって天使はいる / Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru) [2017.06.27 - present]


AKB48 Events

Number of current members by group

(as of October 11, 2017)

Team Members Notes
N 13 -
M 13 -
BII 12 -
KKS 11 -
Total 49 -

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