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NogiKoi ~Sakamichi no shita de, ano hi boku wa koi o shita~ (乃木恋〜坂道の下で、あの日僕は恋をした〜?), or just NogiKoi (乃木恋?) for short is a date simulation game app developed for smartphones.



The player takes the role of a student who transferred to Nogizaka High School, only to find out that members of idol group Nogizaka46 are his classmates (3rd and 4th gens are later introduced as kohai schoolmates) and he ends up being their manager.

Nogizaka46 Members

Members in italics are set to transfer schools


Current Classmates (1st and 2nd Gen, introduced at the beginning)

Former Classmates (Transferred Schools)[1]

Kohai Schoolmates

3rd Gen (introduced 2017 April 3)

4th Gen Batch 1 (introduced 2019 April 1)

4th Gen Batch 2 (introduced 2020 September 5)

Event Exclusive Characters

Asahinagu bg main.jpg

Asahinagu Event (2017 September 12-19)
Asahinagu characters use the same templates used by their actresses' in-game templates. None of the movie characters' Nogizaka46 counterparts appeared in the event.
  • Tojima Asahi - Movie Counterpart: Nishino Nanase. The first person the player encounter on your way to Nissaka High School for an event. She became close with her stage counterpart, Saito Asuka.
  • Konno Sakura - Movie Counterpart: Matsumura Sayuri. The second person the player encountered. She met the player with her Stage Counterpart, Shinuchi Mai, and the rest of Nogizaka46 while Tojima was showing them around the training hall.
  • Yasomura Shouko - Movie Counterpart: Sakurai Reika, Stage Counterpart: Inoue Sayuri. The player met her when the player got separated from the others and stopped by a Ramen Shop he spotted.
  • Miyaji Maharu - Movie Counterpart: Shiraishi Mai. The player with her Stage Counterpart, Wakatsuki Yumi and the rest of Nogizaka46 met her one day while strolling around the area when a local yankii approached the group.
  • Nogami Eri - Movie Counterpart: Ito Marika. The most energetic character. The player met her with Okura Fumino after Eri's Stage Counterpart: Ikoma Rina, and the rest of Nogizaka46 finished using the practice hall for the live.
  • Ichido Nene - Movie Counterpart: Ikuta Erika, Stage Counterpart: Hori Miona. Exclusively the last to be unlocked, the player only met her while on the event hall with Yoda Yuki, Ozono Momoko, Yoshida Ayano Christie, and later on met Kawago Hina.
  • Tojima's Classmates - Movie Counterparts: Nakada Kana and Saito Yuri. Only appeared at the event end story with Tojima visiting Nogizaka Gakuen.
  • Okura Fumino[2]
  • Kono Sayuri's father[2]

Special Character Cards

Cards that have characters from dramas and movies the Nogizaka46 members appeared in.

  • Asahinagu Characters - see Event Exclusive Characters
  • Hayase Mai - Saito Asuka Card variants from Ano Koro, Kimi wo Oikakete
  • Narita Hatsumi - Hori Miona Card variants from Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy
  • Matsuda Minori - Shiraishi Mai Card variants from Sumaho o Otoshita dake nanoni: Toraware no Satsujinki
  • Eizouken Characters - Saito Asuka, Yamashita Mizuki, and Umezawa Minami variants from Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na!

Official Book

Nogikoi Official Book.jpg

Published and distributed by 7net. It was on limited sale from 2021 February 10 to 17.

It includes behind the scenes interviews, on-scene event images, past events, and a complete set of card list up to the event during the time of publication, including ones from graduate members.


  1. some graduate members are not available for oshimen selection, but can still be interacted with in Story Mode
  2. 2.0 2.1 no image, but is in the event storyline

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