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Nogizaka46 was announced on June 29, 2011, and has had an extensive history since then. They're one of the top selling girl groups in Japan, and has overtaken AKB48, their rival group, in terms of sales and popularity. With a total of 78 members across 4 generations, they're quite a large group. This page will describe their history from the formation all the way to present day.

Formation and Debut[]

June 29, 2011[]

Nogizaka46's formation was announced on June 29, 2011 by Akimoto Yasushi as a ''direct rival to AKB48''. The group later became the flagship group of the rival group to 48 Group, the Sakamichi Series (sloped-road series). The number ''46'' in their name, as described by Akimoto, means that Nogizaka46 would succeed more than AKB48 with fewer members. The concept of Nogizaka46 is described to be ''the Japanese people's perception of conservatively-dressed all girls private all-girls high school students in France, which carries the connotation of refinement and elegance''. Almost 35,000 girls auditioned to be members of Nogizaka46.

August 2011[]

The final auditions were held on August 23 and 24 2011, with the 56 finalists competing for the 36 available places for the group. These 36 finalists later became the first generation of Nogizaka46. These members are: