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Only today is a coupling song from BNK48's 10th single D.AAA and CGM48's 5th single 2565. It is also included in BNK48's 4th album Gingham Check and CGM48's 2nd album Hisashiburi no Lip Gloss.


Performing Members

Single Version

TN3 Version

Palmmy, Patt, Wawa


Performance Video (Band Version)


【Performance Video】Only today (Band Version) - BNK48

Performance Video (Acapella Version)


【Performance Video】Only today (Acapella Version) - BNK48


  • On March 13, 2021, BNK48 announced in public that their 2nd coupling song will be the rearranged version (band & acapella versions) and they released the two performance videos on their official YouTube channel.
    • But in CGM48's announcement happened on December 22, 2022, the group brought the same song. This time, they will cover the song with the same arrangement as AKB48's version, but with the different first verse from BNK48's lyrics.
  • Only Today is the first song in 48TH to have a total of 3 versions in 48TH singles. The versions are the BNK48's band version, BNK48's acapella version, and CGM48's regular version.