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Original Stages are original performances presented by a team or group in AKB48 Group and STAR48.

AKB48 Group[]



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Team N[]



  • HKT48 1st Stage (HKT1)


Team NIII[]


  • JKT48 5th Stage (JKT5)



Team SII[]

Team NII[]

Team HII[]

Team X[]

Team XII[]


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Team NIII[]

Team Z[]


Team B[]

Team E[]

Team J[]


Team SIII[]


  • For NGT48 Team NIII, the setlist actually belongs to AKB48 Team Surprise, but before it was performed it was performed by Team NIII.
    • This setlist is "almost" original because it had never been performed on stage before; however, it has been released by Team Surprise before via arcade games in Japan. 45 second clips of each song are available on YouTube with the original members but have never been released otherwise.
    • All of the songs in this setlist have been entered Request Hour 2018 Best 100 as the Top 75 songs.
  • JKT48 has announced that they will present their first original setlist in 2021 but until now there is still no news regarding this.
  • It took 6 years for AKB48 Team A to get the original setlist after last producing it in 2010 (A6) and only getting it again in 2016 (A7).
  • SKE48 Team KII just got their first original setlist after 6 months since Takayanagi Akane asked Yasushi Akimoto directly when giving a speech on the general election stage.
  • Team S 3rd Stage is SKE48's first original stage in 10.5 years (since Ramune no Nomikata in 2011) and Team S' first in 12.5 years (since Seifuku no Me in 2009).
  • NMB48 Team N 3rd Stage originally planned to debut on May 12, 2012. In total, the stage was announced and then delayed five times.
    • The "new" Shonichi for this stage was announced at the AKB48 5 Big Dome Concert Tour, Tokyo Dome Day 2 Concert and was set for October 26th, 2013. However, on October 20th, 6 days before the Shonichi, it was postponed again. The new date was set for November 9th. Then, once more on November 2, the stage was postponed until November 19, 2013
  • Team E's 1st original stage since the team was formed in 2010.
  • HKT48 will actually have their first original stage which will be made by Sashihara Rino as a promise before graduating, but due to internal problems there is no news about the original stage.
    • However, in 2021, during Murashige Anna's graduation performance, one of the songs from HKT48's original setlist, namely "LOVE ME DOOO", was performed for the first time and was the only song from the original stage performed.
  • Several of SNH48's original stages are related to each other.
  • SNH48's Team SII 9th Stage is first original stage without 1st Generation members.
    • also, due to problems with the music distributor, this album took 6 months to be released to the public since their first performance.
  • SNH48's Team HII 6th Stage is a SNH48 first stage with all of the songs are in their official english names.
  • GNZ48 Team Z's fourth original setlist, namely "Mia.Z", was forced to cancel production for unknown reasons.
  • SHY48 Team SIII 2nd Stage is the first and only original stage owned by SHY48.