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Makeoshimi Congratulation (Type-B)

Owaranai Encore (終わらないアンコール) is the final coupling song from SDN48's last single Makeoshimi Congratulation, performed by all SDN48 members.


  • Artist: SDN48
  • Writer: Akimoto Yasushi
  • Composer: Masahiro Kawaura (川浦正大)
  • Arranger: Nonaka "Masa" Yuichi
  • Japanese Title: 終わらないアンコール
  • Romaji Title: Owaranai Ankōru
  • English Translation: Never-ending Encore
  • Single: Makeoshimi Congratulation (5th single)

Performing Members

Single Version

Concert Version

SDN48 10th Anniversary Concert

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  • The song is a farewell/mass graduation to all remaining members of SDN48