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Ikinari Punch Line (Theater Edition)

Rei no Potato Chips (例のポテトチップス) is a coupling song of SKE48's 23rd single Ikinari Punch Line, performed by SKE48 Kenkyuusei and SKE48 3rd Draft.


  • Artist: SKE48
  • Arranger: Hasegawa Shin (長谷川湊)
  • Composers:
    • Nagumo Yusuke (南雲祐介)
    • Hasegawa Shin (長谷川湊)
  • Kanji title: 例のポテトチップス
  • Romanji title: Rei no Poteto Chippusu
  • English title: Example of Potato Chips
  • Single: Ikinari Punch Line (23rd single)

Performing Members

Centers: Nishi Marina & Hirata Shiina

SKE48 Request Hour

  • Request Hour 2018 - #22