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SNH48 11th GE Poster

SNH48 Group 11th General Election Poster

SNH48 Group "Qīngchūn shíyī zài, xīngguāng shǎnyào" (SNH48 Group 《青春十一载,星光闪耀》?) is the eleventh Senbatsu Election held by SNH48. It will be held on Agust 3rd, 2024. Ballots were included in SNH48's 36th EP, Mint Candy.

Fans made their voices heard by voting for their favorite SNH48/GNZ48/BEJ48/CKG48/CGT48 member at the annual SNH48 Group members election.

The top 16 members are featured in the Top Girls of the group's 34th single. Meanwhile, the 17th to 32nd place members join Undergirls for the B-side track and the 33rd to 48th place members join the Next Girls unit for the 2nd B-side track.

Eligible Members[]

For a member to participate in the Youth Festival, she must first be an active member of SNH48, GNZ48, BEJ48, CKG48 or CGT48.

Total: TBA Members

Selected Members[]


Participant Members[]