AKB48 Sailor Zombies
"Mou, damekamo!?"
Inui Maiko(src)

Sailor Zombie (セーラーゾンビ?) was a TV-Tokyo Drama which featured members of AKB48 in its main casts, some of their guests are also from AKB48. It's title theme song Sailor Zombie was sung by the sub-unit Milk Planet who are also in the Drama as narrators. It rans from April 19th, 2014 to July 19th, 2014.

AKB48 Cast

Plague Survivors

The final survivors of the plague.

  • Owada Nana - Inui Maiko (乾舞子?), the main protagonist. Dreams to become an idol. Often used quote: "Mou, damekamo!?"
  • Takahashi Juri - Oyamada Mutsumi (小山田睦美?), the deuteragonist-sidekick. Dreamt the end of the world; later dreams to become a mother. Often used quote: "Mou, mendokusai!"
  • Kawaei Rina - Akizuki Momoka (秋月百花?), the anti-hero sidekick. Dreams to become a model.

Milk Planet

The narrators of the Story, idolized by Maiko and often appears in the girl's subconsciousness when she needs guidance. Presumed dead after realizing that their stage is being filled with Maiko's dead friends.

AKB48 Guests

  • Izuta Rina - (episodes 1 and 2) oshimen of one of Maiko's friends, Arina. Appears only in Arina's collections.
  • Mukaichi Mion - (episode 2) giant fashionista zombie (巨大オシャレゾンビ?)
  • Nishino Miki - (episode 7) Miki (ミキ?), the Vice-Principal's Zombie Daughter.
  • Oshima Ryoka and Fukuoka Seina - (episode 9) Maiko's classmates in her old school.


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