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Sansei Kawaii!

CGM48 Sansei Kawaii Digital Cover Full
Single by CGM48
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CGM48 Sansei Kawaii Music Card
Single by CGM48
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CGM48 Sansei Kawaii Digital Cover
Single by CGM48
Sansei Kawaii! Digital Cover

CGM48 Yume wa Nigenai Digital Cover
Single by CGM48
Yume wa Nigenai Digital Cover

Released: March 28, 2023 (CD)
May 2, 2023 (Digital Single)
Genre: Thai-pop
Format: CD, Digital
Label iAM
Producer Akimoto Yasushi
Promotional Image
CGM48 Sansei Kawaii! Promotional Image
CGM48 6th Single
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5th Single
7th Single

Sansei Kawaii! (賛成カワイイ! / เธออะ Kawaii!) is the 6th single released by CGM48.

Single Tracklist Details[]

CD Tracklist[]

  1. Sansei Kawaii! (เธออะ Kawaii!) / Senbatsu
  2. Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan (ซิ่งให้สุด... หยุดที่เธอ) / Senbatsu
  3. Yume wa Nigenai (จะไม่หนีจากความฝัน) / 2nd Generation Senbatsu
  4. Sansei Kawaii! (off-vocal)
  5. Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan (off-vocal)
  6. Yume wa Nigenai (off-vocal)

Digital Tracklist[]

  1. Sansei Kawaii! Music Video
  2. Sansei Kawaii! Music Video (Dance ver.)
  3. Yume wa Nigenai Music Video
  4. Sansei Kawaii! Music Video Behind the Scenes

Included Members[]

"Sansei Kawaii!"[]

Senbatsu (เซมบัตสึ) (16 Members) (Nenie‎ and Pim ‎‎Centers (in italic), Media Senbatsu in bold)

"Hotei Sokudo to Yuuetsukan"[]

Senbatsu (เซมบัตสึ) (16 Members) (Sita ‎‎Center)

"Yume wa Nigenai"[]

2nd Generation Senbatsu (เซมบัตสึรุ่นที่ 2) (7 Members) (Jingjing Center)


Sansei Kawaii![]

Yume wa Nigenai[]


  • This music video was filmed in 3 locations, all in Chiang Mai.
    • Wat Ton Kwen, Hang Dong district
    • Tube Trek Waterpark Chiang Mai, San Kamphaeng district
    • Nong Buak Haad Public Park, Mueang Chiang Mai district
  • For the main song, fanclub were invited to participate in MV production. Fanclub can attend this event by playing water festival with CGM48 Members.
  • Sansei Kawaii! MV released on May 1, 2023. 19 days after the single's first performance.
  • The single was announced on March 25, 2023 at BNK48's "Iiwake Maybe" & CGM48's "2565" handshake event in Bangkok.
  • Concept of this single is Songkran Festival, popular festival of Thailand.