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NMB48 24th Single Type-C

Koi Nanka No thank you! (Type-C)

Seishun Nembutsu (青春念仏) is a coupling song of NMB48's 24th single Koi Nanka No thank you!, performed by Team BII.


  • Artist: NMB48
  • Arranger / Composer: Kojo Yasuyuki (古城康行)
  • Kanji title: 青春念仏
  • Romanji title: Seishun Nembutsu
  • English title: The Nembutsu of Youth
  • Single: Koi Nanka No thank you! (24th single)

Performing Members[]

Center: Umeyama Cocona


  • Nembutsu, also known as Nianfo, is a practice belonging to the school of Pure-Land Buddhism. It refers to the act of repeatedly calling the name of Amitabha, a spiritual Buddha.