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(AKB48 Group Draft Meeting 2013)

Team M (チームM) is the second team formed for theater-based idol group NMB48. Their team color is Fuchsia Purple. They currently have 16 members, though 1 has announced graduation.


(History: Team M)


Team M, April 2018


  • 1st Stage 「アイドルの夜明け」 (NMB48 Team M 1st Stage "Idol no Yoake") [2012.05.05 - 2014.04.17 and 2017.01.24 - ]
  • 2nd Stage 「RESET」 (NMB48 Team M 2nd Stage "RESET") [2014.05.02 - 2016.12.25]

Team M Songs on NMB48 Albums & Singles

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