SKE48 Flag TeamS

Team S Flag (AKB48 Group Draft Meeting 2013)

SKE48's Team S (チームS). Their team color is Orange. They currently have 17 members, though 1 has announced her graduation.


(History: Team S)

TEAM S 2018

Team S, April 2018


  • 1st Stage (PARTYが始まるよ / PARTY ga Hajimaru yo) [2008.10.05 - 2009.02.08]
  • 2nd Stage (手をつなぎなが / Te wo Tsunaginagara) [2009.02.14 - 2009.10.16]
  • 3rd Stage (制服の芽 / Seifuku no Me) [2009.10.25 - 2013.07.10]
  • 4th Stage (RESET / RESET) [2013.07.23 - 2014.04.21]
  • 5th Stage (重ねた足跡 / Kasaneta Ashiato) [2016.06.14 - ]


In August 2008, Akimoto Yasushi announced that AKB48 would be getting a sister group centered in Sakae, Nagoya to be named SKE48. The first girls to perform were called 'Team S' and they appeared on stage in Sunshine Sakae regularly, performing a revival of AKB48's First Stage. A few months after their debut, Suzuki Kirara graduated to focus on her studies.

In mid-2009, Team S began their first original stage, and soon after Takai Tsukina graduated. Over the next few months and into 2010, Team S went through many member shifts. At the beginning of 2010, Matsushita Yui went on medical leave.

In September 2011, it was announced that Matsushita Yui, who had been on medical leave for over one year, would be graduating to focus on her recovery.



Line-Up through the years

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