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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
  • This template is used for inter-wiki linking.


{{IW|<page name>|<target wiki>|<renamed label>}}
  • the <page name> should refer to the PAGENAME on the <target wiki>
  • the <target wiki> is the code seen in the URL of the wiki you will connect with. It is usually seen before the "wikia.com".
AKB48 Wiki akb48
Majisuka Gakuen Wiki majisuka
Detective48 Wiki akb48satsujinjiken

  • the <renamed label> would be the name that you want to show in the link instead of the <page name>


Without changing the <Page Name>
Detective48 Wiki
{{IW|Takahashi Minami (character)|akb48satsujinjiken}}

will produce:

Takahashi Minami (character)

Using a <Renamed Label>
Detective48 Wiki
{{IW|Takahashi Minami (character)|akb48satsujinjiken|Takahashi Minami}}

will produce:

Takahashi Minami

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