Tsukamoto Mariko
AKB48 Tsukamoto Mariko 2014
Tsukamoto Mariko, 2014
Nickname Mariri (まりり?)
Birthdate July 16, 1976 (1976-07-16) (age 43)
Birthplace Nara, Japan
Zodiac Sign Cancer Cancer
Professional Information
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer, Idol, Model, Ballet Dancer
Years Active 2014
Agency Glico/AKS
group AKB48
Team Otona AKB48
Generation 1st Generation Otona AKB48
Associated Acts AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, Nogizaka46, JKT48, SNH48
Graduated September 1, 2014

Name Spelling
Birth Name
Kanji 塚本まり子
Hiragana つかもと まりこ
Katakana ツカモト マリコ
Romaji Tsukamoto Mariko

Tsukamoto Mariko is a temporary AKB48 member. She is the winner of the Otona AKB48 audition.

Team History

  • 04.16.2014 - Announced as the winner of the Otona AKB48 audition, and joined AKB48 as a temporary member.
  • 09.01.2014 - Graduated from AKB48 (announced graduation July 15)


  • She is a homemaker with two children.
  • Has a 10-year experience as a ballet dancer.
  • Center of the song Oshiete Mommy, used in a Papico CM and later as a single coupling.
  • Her nickname was suggested by Shimazaki Haruka, and was based on Watanabe Mayu's nickname.
  • Her catchphrase was made by Minegishi Minami.[1]

Singles Participation

AKB48 B-Sides

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


  1. 2014-05-21. Mariri's Catchphrase in Ichiban Song SHOW


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