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Nickname Natalie Iris, Lexia Gray
Birthdate July 2, 1999 (1999-07-02) (age 22)
Birthplace United States
Zodiac Sign Cancer.png Cancer
Height 166cm
Professional Information
Occupation Student, writer, blogger
Years Active 2013-present
(8 years on this wiki)
Group AKB48 Fan
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Welcome to my page!

I first found out about AKB48 in early 2011, by reading this article. It wasn't until about half a year later that I started to be a fan of the AKB48 Group. I've been part of this wiki since February 2013, a while after I joined the wiki community.

My Interest in AKB48

I follow AKB48, SKE48, and NMB48 about equally. Even though I devote less attention to AKB48's overseas sister groups, I'm always happy to see the successes they have met. On a rare occasion I read news or watch videos about Nogizaka46 or HKT48. Even though I sadly became a fan of SDN48 only after they disbanded, I think the concept of the group was fantastic. My favorite sub-unit from AKB48 was DIVA, because of its powerful songs and talented members. I also loved the idea of the seiyuu unit NO NAME, although it doesn’t seem that it will be revived. Among AKB48's solo singers, I follow Iwasa Misaki's enka career and Itano Tomomi's ventures. Also, I hope to see more songs from Takahashi Minami in the future.

My Favorite Members

AKB48 Kami7: Akimoto Sayaka (Team K Former) · Katayama Haruka (Team A Former) · Nakaya Sayaka (Team K Former) · Suzuki Shihori (Team K Former) · Masuda Yuka (Team K Former) · Iwasa Misaki (Team B) · Hamamatsu Riona (Team 8)

SKE48 Top 5: Ogino Risa (Kenkyuusei Former) · Kinoshita Yukiko (Team KII Former) · Yano Azuki (Kenkyuusei Former) · Nakanishi Yuka (Team S Former) · Saito Makiko (Team E)

NMB48 Top 3: Kotani Riho (Team N) · Ijiri Anna (Team BII) · Kinoshita Momoka (Team M)

SDN48 Top 3: Chen Qu (1st Gen.) · Kondo Sayaka (1st Gen.) · Tojima Hana (3rd Gen.)

HKT48 Oshimen: Murashige Anna (Team KIV)

Nogizaka46 Oshimen: Hashimoto Nanami (1st Gen.)

More About me

Favorite music

I started to listen to Korean music not too long ago. My interest in it arose similarly to how I became interested in Japanese music after stumbling on AKB48. The first Korean song I ever listened to was the most popular song by Girl's Generation, one of the top artists in K-Pop. Aside from Girl's Generation, I initially listened to well-known artists such as 2NE1, Big Bang, and Super Junior. However, I only really became a fan of K-Pop after discovering Brown Eyed Girls. Miryo is my eternal favorite among K-Pop stars, and I love the music by BEG. Currently, my other favorites among K-Pop groups are f(x) and EXID. Lately I've also become interested in Korean hip-hop. After watching Unpretty Rapstar, I've become a fan of Jessi and her group Lucky J. I support Korean female rappers, especially Tymee and some less known artists.

Just as I'm interested in Korean female rappers, I also am a fan of the few Japanese female rappers. Charisma.com, a female duo made up of a rapper and a DJ, is currently one of my favorites. FEMM is another innovative and amazing duo, and I've supported them almost since their debut. Another lesser-known artist that I love is the all-female power metal band Doll$Boxx. I've been listening to Babymetal for a while longer. Aside from groups, I also enjoy listening to solo singers. The first singer I have ever really a fan of is Charice, the Filipina singer who rose to fame in the US. Also, I like instrumental music, especially from Disney films and anime.

Hobbies and fandoms

I write poetry, enjoy reading fanfictionm, and also like roleplaying. Aside from editing wikis, I spend a lot of time on Youtube and Tumblr. One of my main Youtube hobbies is watching videos of dance. I like everything from “cover dancers” to choreographers like Aya Sato and Bambi. Although I haven't listened to the discography of E-Girls, their dance skill is outstanding. In addition to my aforementioned interests, I'm also a fan of Harry Potter, Star Trek, and the Marvel comics movies. I'm a casual fan of anime, and I like to read manga online. My favorite anime is Scrapped Princess, and I love some of the films by Hayao Miyazaki. I've watched some Japanese and Korean dramas and variety shows. Recently I watched the Korean TV show Unpretty Rapstar, and became an avid fan of the program. I've started to become interested in competition shows, especially those centered around singing.